Homeopathy Dubai
Homeopathy DubaiHomeopathy Dubai


When it comes to our health, the earth’s natural produce – including foods – is surely our best medicine. It’s what mother nature intended after all. We live in a society where there is a pill for everything, but sometimes, it can be so much more simple…

As part of our dedication to whole body and mind wellness The Hundred Wellness Centre Dubai provides an in-house homeopathy expert and natural medicine. Our inspiring in-house homeopathic doctor blends centuries-old knowledge and philosophy to treat a host of ailments using a unique combination of conventional medical diagnostic methods.

Do you feel constantly tired and you don’t know why? Or have you been exercising like an athlete and yet you aren’t seeing the changes and results you hoped for? Perhaps you have allergy symptoms and you can’t put your finger on what it is? Dr. Sean Penny, our resident homeopathic doctor and his brother Dr. Ryan Penny (who together form Dubai’s Wellness Brothers) can help you at their clinic within The Hundred Wellness Center. Together we can pinpoint the cause and treat it with the best, most cutting-edge techniques available in the world today. Including supplementation, DNA testing, blood testing, and various other diagnostics and treatments.

Clinical homeopathy harnesses a wide variety of elements to promote optimum health and vitality. It bridges the “like cures like” principles of classical homeopathy and conventional medicine. The clinical homeopath performs a thorough examination, evaluates your condition and bases treatment on what conventional medicine calls “indication-oriented medicine” (pain-killer for the pain, anti-inflammatory for inflammation).

However, the therapeutic approach to the symptoms will include an all-natural, non-invasive combination of homeopathic remedies, along with vitamins, herbs and supplements. Sean Penny, our in-house clinical homeopathy practitioner and homotoxicologist, uses a wide range of modalities of complementary and alternative medicine, such as traditional Chinese medicine, western herbal medicine and state-of- the-art equipment.

We say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Whatever your problem, we’re here to help – and we’re certain that the results will have you hooked. Contact us by clicking here or give us a call on 04 344 7333.

Homeopathy Dubai