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Why Your Body Needs Personalized Nutrition For Long Term Wellness

With the dawn of affordable DNA testing, the world is now gripped by the wonderful notion of personalized diets. According to this concept, your genomes and the food you consume interact to create a life-long impact on your health. Many nutritionists in Dubai and all across the world are now looking into nutrigenomics- the study of how nutrition influences the expression of the genome. By studying an individual’s DNA test results, nutritionists are now identifying how food components interact with the cells, organs and the whole body.

Personalized nutrition has become analogous to personalized medicine. While the food market produces foods and products based on long-time consumer science, the introduction of nutrigenomics has brought new preferences and requirements among the consumers, which is slowly impacting the mainstream food production industry.

In this blog, we will discuss how personalized nutrition based on nutrigenomics must be approached.

Rule no.1: Understand that there is no ‘one diet for all’

As nutrigenomics is based on the individual DNA test results, one thing has become clear to nutritionists- There is no single diet that works best for all. No two individuals respond the same way to the same dietary interventions. Even people with similar metabolism, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels respond differently to the same diet. While some people lose more when they reduce carbs, others lose more weight when they increase complex carbs and reduce fats. 

All these point to the same thing. For unique results, it is best to skip trial and error methods and go for individual diet plans based on their DNA test results. Results from the PREDICT study by researchers from Kings College in London and Harvard Medical School also reassured the role of genetics and individual make up which translated into people’s unique responses to food. So what else is there to know about nutrigenomics?

Rule no.2: Understand that genes alone are not the deciding factors

While we stated that genes play a key role in deciding an individual response to diets, it is NOT the only factor. Most DNA testings will account for insights into how each individual reacts to carbohydrates and saturated fats, other factors like exercise, sleep habits, stress responses and even gut microbes play equally important roles.

The important thing to remember here is that personalized diets has to consider the individual as a whole to be able to give the best results. Although DNA test based diets work in favor of individual health goals, the results can be improved by managing stress levels, improving sleep quality and putting in the right amount of exercise. 

Rule no.3: Consume fresh vegetables in the meantime

In ideal circumstances, every food item you consume must help you stay fit and healthy. Even when the principles of eating healthy looks complicated, the one thing everyone should do is to put your trust in fresh vegetables. 

Plant-based diets are higher in carbohydrates. But for most people, these diets can really help their body settle into a rhythm, without starving them of the essential nutrients.

Having detailed information about your genome, biomarkers, daily habits and microbiome (gut health) are all ways to empower our nutritionists in Dubai to help prepare the best suited dietary plans. Even when you get the right meal plan, remember that what ultimately matters is your dedication and perseverance towards healthy living and complete wellness.

The Role Of Pilates In Injury Rehabilitation And Prevention

Pilates is one of the greatest wellness workouts out there and is steadily gaining popularity in our region. As a tool that helps in improving flexibility and strengthening the core muscles, this wonder workout has something for everyone. At The Hundred Wellness Centre, we not only use pilates as a powerful exercise style but also as a unique physiotherapy program for people recovering from injuries. Our pilates classes in Dubai are greatly focused on its rehabilitative abilities and use it systematically to condition and help our patients’ body function efficiently.

Pilates is generally known for its strengthening capabilities, affecting even the deepest muscles of the core, optimizing its alignment and creating corrective movements and patterns. This capability is leveraged by our trainers to develop a system to prevent and rehabilitate patients who have muscular injuries. In this blog, we will discuss some of the fundamental reasons why Pilates is so effective in injury rehab and prevention.

Core strengthening properties

Many of the common body injuries are caused by muscular imbalances in our body. This could be due to anything from your posture, walking style, sleeping position or sports/workout sessions. An incorrect body movement puts undue stress on your body’s core muscles, weakening them in the process. Such imbalance puts pressure, strains, pulls or tears, leading to injuries, which consists of the deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles closest to the spine.

Pilates is focused on the center or core muscles of your body. By getting trained in pilates, you will be able to stretch and improve your pelvic alignment, which is vital for our movement to avoid most kinds of injuries. Our rehabilitative pilates classes provide the right techniques to help build core strength without aggravating existing injuries.

Mobility and stability

A strong body has to stable and but still very mobile. For body stabilization, it is important to attain optimal mobility. We often quote the example of a tennis player here. In an ideal situation, the tennis player should have deep core strength and stable shoulder girdle, and yet, tremendous mobility of the arm to hit the ball right. Lack of core strength or shoulder stability can easily injure the player.  

Being too mobile (hypermobility) or too rigid (hypomobility) can both impact a body negatively. Stretching programs from pilates are customized to focus on both stability and mobility, giving a perfect combination of both, providing optimal performance and prevent injuries.

Increased flexibility 

Another reason why therapists recommend Pilates for rehabilitation is because of its flexible nature. With an increased degree of flexibility than most conventional exercises, Pilates workouts can be ‘personalized’ for every individual and still be very effective. There are basic exercises to very advanced ones that are used all used for strengthening and maintaining the body positions correctly, thereby maximizing the results.

Concentrated on positive movements 

Pilates as a rehabilitation tool doesn’t just help increase muscular strength or improve overall functioning. This physical ‘therapy’ has the ability to evolve positive body movements- where the patient is able to make a move without feeling any pain. The more the patient is without the pain, the more confident and positive he or she becomes. This drastically improves the quality of their everyday life. This healthy rehabilitative cycle helps patients recover faster from their injuries and of course, stay away from them as well.

Final thoughts

While traditional workout routines are perfect for keeping a healthy body in shape, Pilates for rehabilitation is tuned in such a way that it can be considered therapy. The underlying principles of pilates are perfect for rehabilitation. By combining the movements with proper therapy techniques, Pilates can be used to recover from existing injuries and prevent new ones. At The Hundred Wellness Centre, our pilates classes are headed by classically trained Pilates teachers, who are also well versed in physiotherapy.  With our rehabilitative pilates, we plan to bring complete harmony to your body through continuous therapeutic sessions.


How To Effectively Remove Toxins From Your Daily Life

Living healthy is a lifelong process. However, most of us are inadvertently exposed to a lot of toxins in our daily life, which can negatively impact our bodies in the long run. One of the simplest ways to reduce the impact of toxins in our day to day life is through awareness and avoidance of chemicals and artificial products that have taken root in our lives.

As someone who wants to lead a healthy life, I strongly believe in the need to detox our lives. With that in mind, I have researched far and wide to find chemical-free products that can be used every day, reducing our exposure to toxins.

Below are some of the products that I use and recommended as part of the detox program.

Use A Non-fluoride Toothpaste – Desert Essence

Fluoride is a very misunderstood chemical that we encounter in our daily life. Small quantities of fluoride is essential for our teeth remineralization, keeping them healthy. Most of us get this required dosage from normal tap water provided at homes. However, in high quantities, fluoride is an extremely strong chemical that can harm our dental and general health. This is why it is best to avoid toothpastes with added fluoride. After understanding the effects of fluoride, I have switched my toothpaste to Desert Essence, a natural toothpaste devoid of harmful chemicals including fluoride.  Desert Essence toothpaste can be ordered online from or can be bought from Organic Food & Cafe in Dubai. 

Natural Teeth Whitener – Ugly By Nature Organic Activated Charcoal 

Over-the-counter teeth whiteners are quite popular all over the world due to their ease of use. However, they are loaded with bleaching chemicals, which can strip off the teeth’s natural enamel and cause sensitivity or gum irritability. 

Apart from regular brushing and flossing, I prefer the use of Organic activated charcoal from Ugly By Nature for teeth whitening. You can buy this particular product online from

Skincare And Cosmetics – Katavi, Beauty Counter And Mad Hippie

You might have noticed that your skincare and cosmetic products come with an array of multi-syllabic chemicals. While most people assume that they’re safe enough to be applied, how much do we really know about these products? 

A 2013 study showed that 1 in 10 consumers in the UAE spends around DH60,000 a year on their beauty products, which may have only gone up since then. With the high demand for beauty products in the country, it’s necessary to identify brands that use natural and FDA approved.

I prefer to use skincare products and cosmetics from brands like Katavi, Beauty Counter, and Mad Hippie. These brands promote the use of ‘clean’ and ‘vegan’ products that are approved by the FDA and safe to use on the skin. Katavi skincare range is available in the UAE and can be bought from their official website If you are interested in Beauty counter and Mad Hippie products you can shop and ship them to the country.

Organic Deodorant – Dr. Organic 

Sweating is a natural process in which the toxins in our body are expelled. However, most of us are uncomfortable with sweating and body odor, which is why we tend to use deodorants. The sole purpose of deodorants is to eliminate body odor. However, most Aerosol deodorants or antiperspirants clog up the sweat glands, thereby stopping one of our body’s natural way of expelling toxins.  Aerosols antiperspirants are also known air pollutants, which is why it’s high time we say no to them and switch to a harmless alternative.

Dr. Organic roll-on deodorant is a really good product that serves the purpose without harming the body or the environment in any way. I use Dr. Organic Manuka Honey roll-on, non-spray deodorant knowing it’s helping the world around me as well. This is available online in or at Holland and Barrett health shops around the UAE.

Replacing Plastic With Glass Water Bottles

Plastic is one of the most toxic materials that has invaded our everyday lives. While it has become near impossible to avoid them completely, we can reduce its use in numerous ways. For instance, replacing your drinking bottles with glass bottles will bring a lot of difference. This is especially useful for all of us who live in such a hot country. Plastic bottles heat up in hot weather, releasing chemicals into your drinking water. Imagine the amount of harmful chemicals you consume when you drink from a bottle of mineral water! The ideal way is to carry water in glass bottles as they can be reused without the worry about toxins. You can buy good quality glass bottles from any of your local hypermarkets or order them online from

Silicone Straws 

Plastic drinking straws are still one of the many things that people use every day, despite knowing its environmental impact. A lot of us even use it at home or while traveling, without thinking twice about them. 

If you are a person who uses a lot of drinking straws at home or your workplace, collapsible silicone straws are a good alternative to plastic straws. Personally, I have them with me whenever I am traveling as they are reusable and easy to carry. Collapsible silicone straws are available in

Reusable Bee’s Wrap, Cloth Bag & Reusable Food Storage Bag

How do you normally store your foods at home? People tend to keep their food in plastic containers or bags for long term storage. But is it really safe to do so? 

Studies show that plastic containers and bottles used to store foods leach small amounts of a chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA) into the items stored inside them. Long term use of these materials to store your eatables can therefore negatively impact your health through the consumption of unwanted chemicals. 

A safer alternative to plastics for safe storage of edibles are reusable cloth bags, silicone bags or bee’s wrap. While cloth and silicone bags can be used to store raw foods, bees wrap can cover cooked leftovers while storing them in the refrigerator. You can buy reusable cloth bags from, shop and ship Bee’s Wrap from their official website and silicone bags from or

Non-Stick The Original Green Pan & Stainless Steel

A lot of people depend upon Aluminium vessels for cooking their daily meals. However, cooking in Aluminium can negatively impact the users in the long run. According to Health Canada, cooking your meal in an aluminum saucepan can add approximately 1 to 2 mg of aluminum to your food, which can be highly toxic for your body.

Instead of this highly dangerous material, I have personally opted to use Green pan from The Original. This non-stick pan can resist heat, flaking and leaching harmful chemicals and thereby not react with your food in any way. Unlike stainless steel, which is also a safe option, green pan from The Original is non-sticky, which prevents the food from sticking to the pan while cooking. You can buy The Original Green Pan from

I also have quality stainless steel pots and vessels for more general uses in the kitchen. Similar to Green Pan, steel cooking surface also resists heat and flaking. Stainless steel products are ideal for heating water and cooking liquid foods like soups and gravy. With a wide range of stainless steel vessels available in the market, switching your cooking utensils has become a lot easier. Good quality steel vessels are now available online in

Eat Organic To Stay Healthy 

The food we eat plays one of the most important roles in our health and fitness. This is why many people have consciously shifted to organic foods. However, with the increased cost of these products, many of us find it hard to sustain this lifestyle in the UAE. 

If you have access to cheaper organic food in the country, always opt for the same. If you are looking to choose which foods to buy organic and which can be bought non-organic, here is a list of the ‘dirty dozen’ that you should remember. The 12 products with the highest levels of pesticides such as peaches, apples, cucumbers, nectarines, strawberries, grapes, celery, potatoes, spinach, sweet bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and snap peas must be bought from an organic marketplace. By doing so, you can easily avoid consuming dangerous toxins along with your food daily. You can buy organic products from Organic Foods and Cafe.

Use Sea Salt Instead Of Table Salt

Although sea salt and table salt contain the same amount of sodium, the former undergoes very minimal processing, making it a much safer choice for consumption. Sea salt retains traces of minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which is essential for the body in small quantities. On the other hand, table salt is highly processed, which removes these minerals and instead uses additives to make the grains stop from sticking together. You can start buying sea salt from your local grocery store and use the same for cooking your foods.

Reduce The Use Of Processed Foods

Although our busy lifestyles force us to consume processed foods or eating out in restaurants more often than we should, it is important to consciously make an effort to reduce the consumption of such food. Ready-made foods are unhealthy and can harm your body in the long run, leading to diseases and conditions that may or may not be treatable.

The best way to look at this situation is to learn from our forefathers. Our parents and grandparents made everything from scratch as processed foods were not available during their times. By living off organic produce and home-cooked meals, they lived a much healthier life than what we have now; which is something we should look up to and follow. 

Use Natural Products For Cleaning Your Home

To maintain a clean and healthy home, regular cleaning is very essential. However, I personally advise against the use of toxic chemicals to keep your home clean. For instance, the presence of bleach and acids in cleaning products like Clorox releases chemical fumes, which is very harmful to your body, paving the way to lung diseases through continued exposure.

At my home, I use vinegar, baking soda or tea tree oil mixed with water to clean various surfaces. 

Baking soda and water can remove the dirt from your bathroom tiles, white vinegar is great for floors, windows, and mirrors. Tea tree oil, on the other hand, has antibacterial properties which makes it a great alternative to Dettol and helps disinfect your home on a daily basis. These products are not only safe for your home, but will also help save some money! 

Choose Your Fabric Softener Carefully – Seventh Generation 

Most fabric softeners are loaded with chemicals that are harmful to us. The vapors from the softeners can irritate the eyes and the respiratory passages and can be absorbed through the skin as well. As our clothes have already been cleaned with soap or detergent, softeners are not exactly a necessary product.

However, if you want to use softeners occasionally to maintain the feel of the fabric, Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener is a good choice. This particular product reduces static without the use of animal-derived ingredients, dyes, and synthetic fragrances and uses a biodegradable softener formula that doesn’t harm the environment. You can buy this product from

You can also choose natural methods like spraying diluted essential oil or baby cologne on your clothes before ironing to help your clothes smell great and feel fresh. 

Laundry Ball

While there are a number of detergents available, both perfumed and otherwise, they are generally considered harmful to the environment. As an alternative to conventional detergents, I switched to laundry balls for washing my clothes. Contrary to popular beliefs and arguments, I personally find them quite useful. At the most basic Eco Balls are an alternative to washing detergent and are supposed to make the Laundry clean without the addition of fabric softeners, fabric conditioners and anything else you normally add to the Laundry to get it fresh and clean.

Laundry Balls contain no detergents at al and work on the principle of Ionic cleaning. The ions released during washing will penetrate deep into the cloth fibers, cleaning them without fading them. They lift the dirt via without the need for any detergents or any of the other normal additions that most of use to get clothes clean and smelling nice.

So there you have it – 14 ways to detox your life from harmful chemicals and its long-time side effects. The products mentioned here are some of the personal recommendations that I use at my home. If you are really interested in detoxing your life the way I do, try switching to these greener alternatives and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.













You Are What You Eat: Why We Choose Natural Produce For The 100 Cafe

Have you heard the phrase “you are what you eat”?

Just like it’s literal meaning, every food and drink we consume has some impact on our body. The food we eat is broken down into its many constituents such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals and is absorbed into our body to constantly repair, heal and rebuild its many cells. 

Science tells us that every cell in our body has a “shelf life”. For instance, a red blood cell has about four months of lifespan, while a stomach cell only lives for a day or two. This means that your body is constantly making new cells to replace the ones that have expired. And unknown to most of us, the health of these new cells is solely dependent on what we eat and how well our body absorbs the essential nutrients from it. 

Health and wellness experts recommend eating clean nutrient-rich whole foods that help our organs work better and repair the many cells in your body.  This not only helps with cell regeneration but as a result reduces our susceptibility to premature ageing and diseases.

 With a greater understanding of the need for eating good food, we at The Hundred Wellness Centre conceptualized The 100 Café – a quaint little place for nutritious food. 

What to expect at The 100 Café

Like everything we say, give and do at our centre, The 100 Café emphasizes the wellness practices and ethos we live by. Our experience with good food has helped us ensure that healthy eating doesn’t have to be exclusive. With quality produce and the best methods, healthy food can also be delicious, nutritious and comforting to one and all. At our healthy café, we provide nourishing foods on a plate that can satisfy the hunger and taste buds of our customers.

Why we choose natural produce

Did you know that the way your food is grown has a major impact on your physical and mental health?

Naturally produced foods are nutrient-rich and have less exposure to chemical pesticides/preservatives. Without the use of chemicals to grow or preserve these foods, they are fresher and healthier than conventionally grown food.

When we consume natural foods, our body gets the right nutrients necessary for its cell generation, without inhibiting any of the biological processes with the presence of harmful chemicals. In essence, this will ensure good physical and mental health in the long run.

At The Hundred Wellness Centre, we have partnered with IGR, one of the first UAE-based organic farms to be certified by the Emirates Authority for Standardization. This allows us to bring naturally produced vegetables, freshly picked from their farms in Al Rahba and Al Khawaneej to our customers through our weekly vegetable market. We also source the vegetables for our healthy café from the same farm, ensuring that all our dishes are cooked with the best produce.

After sourcing the raw materials right from farms across the world, our team has carefully curated a menu that offers plant-based foods that are free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar. At the end of the day, we want to present dishes lovingly produced by our in-house café team, made from sustainable and eco-friendly products that provide you the right nutrition always.

So the next time you are at The Hundred Wellness Centre, don’t forget to drop by The 100 café to dig into some of our mouth-watering vegan foods


What Can Personal Genomic Tests Tell You About Yourself?

Every one of us are different in so many ways. The way we look, speak, think and behave depends on a lot of factors. But what makes us inherently different?

Today more and more people are curious to learn about their genetic makeup. As a result, DNA testings are now very popular all around the globe. At The Hundred Wellness Centre, we offer a range of highly specialized non-invasive diagnostic tools to analyze your DNA, to receive highly personalized insights into your hormones, metabolism functions and risk factors. 

But what can you do with this information? How do you interpret the results and how does it help you lead a better life? In this blog, we will discuss more about our DNA testing methods and how it can be effectively used to get a better understanding of your own body.

Why we recommend DNA testing

Previously, medical and fitness experts provided a general treatment to people who exhibited similar physical discomforts. However, people usually respond differently to external influences such as medicines, supplements, and exercises that are meant to help them lead a healthy life. This eventually leads to the question as to why such a variation exists when it comes to treating and managing similar conditions in different individuals. This is where our DNA comes into play.

DNA is like an all comprised memory chip that has all the genetic information that allows you to function, grow, repair and reproduce. Through DNA testing, experts are now uncovering the basic physical makeup of every one of our patients, which in turn helps our team tailor treatment plans for the individual. Along with factors like age, gender, medical history, and lifestyle indicators, genetic makeup is now taken into consideration to devise a comprehensive health management plan for our patients.

What  can be uncovered through  DNA testing

There are different variations of DNA tests, which can be used to interpret the unique needs of an individual. At The Hundred Wellness Centre, we have 4 different tests, each of which focuses on a specific area or requirement that needs to be learned. 

The DNA health test, for instance, is highly comprehensive and general, covering markers for lipid metabolism, detoxification, inflammation, oxidative stress, insulin sensitivity, methylation bone health and food responsiveness. For individuals suffering from potential metabolic issues, the DNA Diet test explores food responsiveness like lactose intolerance, caffeine sensitivity, salt sensitivity, iron overload, and polyunsaturated fat metabolism. Based on your unique DNA, this test will help in understanding how your diet can impact your health, for better or for worse.

DNA Oestrogen test is focused on uncovering potential issues with estrogen metabolism in your body. According to popular research, high exposure to estrogen in your life can increase the chances of developing breast cancer. The DNA Oestrogen tests for gene variants that impact the processing of estrogen and related compounds to determine whether it’s healthy for your body.

The DNA Fit test is ideal for individuals involved in physical training as the report shows how your DNA impacts your performance in sports or training. The test can give insight into soft tissue remodeling, inflammation, energy production, fuel metabolism, blood flow, and respiration. With the right insights, our experts can personalize a training strategy that optimizes your genetic potential.

In a nutshell, these tests can help experts analyze your genetic makeup and provide information about potential health risks that are influenced by lifestyle, diet, supplements, exercise and social habits. With this information, our experts can recommend the best diet to follow, physical exercises and lifestyle changes that ensures a positive impact and reduce the overall risk of contracting diseases. 


Bokashi: How We Recycle Our Vegan Waste To Make Natural Compost

Have you ever wondered how your everyday life can impact the world around you?

Like every other living being on the planet, each and everything we do leaves some impression on nature. Did you know that something as trivial as our daily food wastage is negatively impacting the earth? According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, roughly 30% of food is wasted globally across the supply chain. Unknown to many, this contributes to 8% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the world. 

Gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and hydrofluorocarbons are produced and emitted from food production to the use of our refrigerators. Taking the amount of metal cans, cardboard boxes and plastic packing into consideration, which we get when buying food, we are all generating a lot of waste, thereby contributing in one way or another to climate change. Overall, we can say that reducing food waste is one way to reverse the effects of global warming. 

Recent studies by Project Drawdown tell us that reducing food waste and resorting to good recycling practices can reduce more than 70 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

But how do we do this? What can we, as individuals and families do to help reduce greenhouse emissions? Apart from switching to natural products as part of your personal detox program, there are more ways in which you can lead a life of wellness; by reducing your food wastage and by starting a bokashi composting. Here’s two:

Why we recommend bokashi

Unlike other composting methods, Bokashi composting is an anaerobic process that relies on the inoculated barn with Lactobacilli to ferment kitchen waste including dairy and meat. As the input waste is fermented by bacteria and not decomposed, the process doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases or heat. The fermented matter is then directly fed to fields or garden soil, virtually taking all the carbon, energy and nutrients in it to enter the soil food web.

How we do it at The Hundred

Since we realized the impact of ‘seemingly harmless’ food waste on the environment, we were researching alternate ways to manage our organic waste. On learning about bokashi composting, we started using the method to manage the vegetable wastes from our daily meals as well as the waste generated from the 100 cafe. 

During the fermentation process, the breakdown of the input releases liquid runoff, which is high in proteins, nutrients, and lactic acid. Occasionally we drain and collect this liquid, known as the “bokashi tea”, dilute it with water and sprinkle it over a targeted area of the soil. This ensures that all of the nutritional value of the waste is utilized to feed the soil ecosystem, along with solid matter at a later stage.

Bokashi is also a hygienic waste management method due to the amount of lactic acid it produces. Lactic acid is a strong natural bactericide with antimicrobial properties. As more of the acid is produced during the fermentation process, it suppresses the lactobacilli, slowing down the fermentation and eventually stopping it.

As a result, the fermentation bin does not release any smell when it is closed. On average, this bin must be opened only for a minute or so in a day to add the input waste or to drain off via the tap.  Once the bokashi compost is ready for use, we dig trenches in our garden adding the waste and covering it over with soil. When we see our garden in full bloom, we say a silent thank you to the bokashi.

Bokashi Compost is one simple way in which you can reduce the everyday carbon emissions in your household. It’s a perfect detox program you can provide for the environment. By reducing food waste and composting it efficiently, we can all take small steps in making this world a better place to live.


Will Pilates Give Me Flat Abs? | Pilates Studio in Dubai

Washboard abs. Toned 6 pack. Sleek stomach. We all wish for that. Here is a great low down on the most popular question we get from our clients …. will Pilates make me lose weight and give me a flat stomach?

The Lowdown on Pilates and Toned AbsStomach fat is made up of 3 components: visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, and a weak core. 

The first component of stomach fat is the visceral layer around and between your organs. Visceral fat is used as protection. When you are overweight it will also act as a storage area.  Visceral fat is tight, so even though your stomach will bulge it will feel tight.

The second type is subcutaneous fat.  This is the layer directly under the skin.  This is the fat that feels and looks ‘flabby’.  Woman store more subcutaneous fat than men (mainly for use during child rearing). Men with excess abdominal fat generally have hard or tight tummies while woman have loose and flabby tummies. This is due women storing fat in the subcutaneous layer as opposed to visceral layer.

The third cause of flabby tummy is weak core muscles and this is where Pilates can be a huge benefit.  Not only for strengthening and tightening the core muscles but also for burning fat and increasing blood oxygenation which burns more calories and increases cell renewal.

Pilates Strengthens a Weak Core

Since it is not possible to directly lose fat from just your stomach, you have to lose fat from all over your body.  To do that you have to increase your cardiovascular work, eat less, breath properly and of course do pilates!

The one place we can ‘spot’ train is a weak core and the ideal form of exercise to do that is Pilates.  In fact the whole basis of Pilates is about core strength in the pelvic floor, abdomen and back. For visceral and subcutaneous fat, they have to be burned off with the rest of the fat in the body.  Pilates makes your muscles stronger and more efficient at burning fat, it also trains the muscles that help you breath (the intercostals ) and makes your lung capacity bigger and more flexible.  The easier and faster exchange of oxygen into carbon the more calories you burn and this increased exchange also increases cell function by pumping more oxygen into the blood.  However Pilates on its own will not burn large amounts of calories.  Which is why we recommend another form of cardio exercise, walking, swimming and cycling are perfect.

Other Factors to Reduce Stomach Fat

There are a few other things to consider in relation to the fat on our stomachs.  We all have different genetic make up and some people store fat more on the stomach.  Some store on the hips and thighs etc.  Also the place that you last stored fat will be the first place that it comes off when you lose fat. Woman tend to store fat on the stomach and thighs first so this will potentially be the last place that will shed excess weight.

There is another factor that will effect stomach fat – stress.  When we have a lot of stress in our lives (who doesn’t have a lot of stress in their lives these days?) we release more of the hormone called cortisol which triggers fat storage in the abdomen.  Pilates helps to address the stress in our lives because it takes you out of your day completely for one. two or three hours a week.  You focus on your breathing, your body and your mind and that is deeply relaxing and stress reducing.

To Recap, Can Pilates Give You a Flat Stomach?

Yes! By doing Pilates to  strengthen core muscles, increasing the fat burning efficiency of the body, and by reducing stress in your life.  In fact Pilates combined with another form of cardiovascular workout can provide huge weight loss benefits.  But a one off session once a week for three or four weeks will only give you a basic understanding of Pilates principles. You will  need a more intensive practice of 3 or 4 times per week, plus some form of fat burning cardio exercise, and address the stress in your life, eat a healthy balanced diet to get really great results.

To get the most and best results, it is always advised to train with an expert and we invite you to join us at The Hundred Wellness Center in Dubai with our watchful Pilates experts to reap the best in your workout. We offer private and small group classes to ensure best results, from Mat Pilates to Reformer, Cadillac, Pole, Chair….don’t let those names scare you off!

To discuss a Pilates class that’s right for you, please e-mail us or give us a call  +97143447333. See the class schedule here.

Email UsCall Us +971 (0)4 344 7333

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Holiday Cheer!

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)


The festive season can serve up a bellyful of digestive distress for those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Indulging in tasty treats and delicious beverages during the joyous season can leave many sufferers with unpleasant symptoms such as cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea. Flare-ups are common from triggers such as sugar-laden rich foods, wheat, and of course holiday stress.

Social gatherings may bring a sense of dread especially if symptoms are unpredictable. However, following these tips can keep your IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) in check so that you can enjoy the merriment of the season and tackle the digestive issues gracefully!

Tips for Digestive Comfort:

  • Eat strategically by eating smaller meals throughout the day and especially before a function. It may be tempting to reach for carb-heavy treats and go overboard but it’s important to remember that a sensitive digestive system will react to certain foods. Knowing which foods trigger symptoms will alleviate digestive discomfort. Common culprits are usually wheat, dairy, sugar and other processed foods. A very helpful assessment offered at The Hundred Wellness Centre is the Food Intolerance Test which can identify less-suspicious culprits that may be causing inflammation and bowel distress.
  • Address Stress levels which can rise during the exciting and hectic season by planning ahead and organizing moments to relax. Practicing deep breathing goes a long way to calm the nervous system which in turn calms digestion. Making time for a long warm bath or meditation also lowers stress as does massage with aromatherapy.
  • Sleep well as it is essential for a healthy, happy digestion and recovery is vital after along busy day.  Improve sleep hygiene by drinking a soothing herbal tea such as chamomile which also soothes tummy troubles.
  • Hydrate with good quality filtered water to keep the bowels from being sluggish especially when eating more fiber-rich foods, which maintain gastrointestinal muscle tone and flush out toxins. It is best to drink water 20 or 30 minutes before meals rather than during meals which tends to dilute digestive enzymes.
  • Seek professional help from your Naturopathic Doctor or other holistic health practitioners who can recommend effective natural remedies such as high-quality probiotics, soothing botanicals, liver support supplements, vitamin D and even acupuncture to alleviate the digestive dysfunction and ease discomfort.

Our digestive systems are closely linked to our sense of wellness and happiness. Paying closer attention and taking steps to address the disturbances enhances vitality and minimizes stress.

Efficient movement of food through the digestive tract is vital to good health and comfort. The Hundred Wellness Centre offers a detailed Food Intolerance Test in Dubai to detect tolerance levels and identify troubles in digesting certain foods, thus encouraging a healthy diet as a part of first hand IBS treatment.

You may think it’s impossible to travel if you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but have no fear, just follow the above tips for an enjoyable holiday in Dubai or give us a call on +9714 344 7333 to learn more!

Homeopathy | The Law of Similars


Homeopathy has been gaining more and more attention as its popularity spreads. And with good reason – it is convenient, safe, effective, and affordable. So… what is homeopathy?  

Founded back in the 18th century by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, this system of medicine is based on the premise of “like-cures-like,” otherwise known as the law of similars. 

This law of similars was already known and utilized in several traditional cultures and was used this principle in healing practices, but it was Dr. Hahnemann who developed it into the system of medicine we know today as homeopathy.  

Homeopathy utilizes remedies formulated from various substances found in the plant, animal, and mineral worlds which are then diluted to make them more potent.  

The more diluted a remedy is, the stronger its effect on the body. The idea is that as the physical aspect of the remedy is weakened (through dilution), the energetic properties are heightened. 

Working by matching a remedy to the symptoms a person is experiencing (whether physical or emotional) clinical homeopathy looks at the whole picture of the person including all the tiny details that one may not think are relevant can make the difference between the correct match or not. 

Not just anyone can match and treat with homeopathy successfully. Clinical Homeopaths undergo extensive education and training to practice. They are skilled professionals that are trained and experienced in taking a complete case of a person seeking treatment and will know best what to look for when matching a remedy. And while homeopathy is safe, and an incorrect match of remedy to symptoms will not cause any harm.. It also will not help relieve and cure. 

More and more as of late many people find themselves turning to homeopathy as an alternative gentle healing modality when seeking to treat an acute or chronic condition. 

In conclusion, for those seeking to expand their healing journey, homeopathy definitely warrants some exploration. It is safe, convenient, easy to use, does not interfere with other conventional treatments or medications, and can be very effective when used in conjunction with other diet and lifestyle adjustments to promote health and wellbeing. As with any new therapy, it is best to consult with a trained professional. In our team at the Hundred we have a clinical homeopath and would love to support you on this journey.

To learn more or to book your consultation email or call us on +9714 3447333.  

Food Guidelines | What are You Feeding Your Body?


Food Guidelines can help you stay on track for a healthier mind and body.

What foods we put into our bodies impacts our energy, moods as well as the obvious– our physical health. By becoming more mindful and intentional about what, when and why we eat, we can create balance and harmony both physically and emotionally.

One of the best ways to do this is to imagine and understand that the nutrients in our foods act as information to our cells. When we give our bodies the right information, they will function at their highest levels —we will have more energy, our minds will be clearer, and we can live life to our best and highest ability.  

And the truth is that the quality of what you eat is FAR more important than how much you eat.  The body is dynamic system and it’s responsive to the quality of the calories you’re eating and the type of information that you’re fuelling your body with. Eating poor quality food is like talking to your body over Skype with a bad WIFI signal, it simply can’t understand how to use that information. 

The anatomy of your food matters; white bread and broccoli are not the same kinds of carbs, and on the same token, soybean oil and coconut oil are totally different kinds of fats. And all calories are NOT created equal. The sources and nutrient-density of your food play a much larger role in your health than the amount of calories a food contains.

Your body is smart, it knows the difference, and it knows which of these are supplying quality information and which are toxic. How can you feed your body with the right information? Here are a few food guidelines:  

1. Eat a diet low in sugar, flour, and refined carbohydrates of all kinds.

2. Eat dark leafy greens, lots of vegetables and some fruit (low sugar options are best). The deeper the colors, the more variety, the better. 
3. Avoid any and all foods with pesticides, antibiotics, preservatives, additives, hormones and GMO’s.
4. Eat high quality fats rich in omega-3. So, plenty of virgin cold-pressed organic olive oil, raw nuts, seeds and avocados. 

5. When possible opt for foods that are organic, local, and fresh. Grass-fed/ grass-finished meats are also the best option if you consume animal protein. 

 At the Hundred we take this all very seriously, and if you follow our social media you will see some of the wholesome, nutrient packed foods and drinks that we offer in our café.

So, if a healthier lifestyle is what you are looking for, The Hundred is here to help. With our vast resources, we can help you navigate holistically through all things health, wellness, and movement.

Give us a call on +97143447333 today to learn more– or email us here!  

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