March 12, 2019

What is your IKIGAI?

Hidden deep inside each of us, we all have what is called ikigai. This mysterious Japanese word translates to a sense of purpose in life or what a French philosopher might call a “raison d’être”.  While many may have found their ikigai, others continue their ongoing search for it although it resides within them. Authors […]
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IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) December 14, 2018

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Holiday Cheer!

The festive season can serve up a bellyful of digestive distress for those who suffer from IBS. Indulging in tasty treats and delicious beverages during the joyous season can leave many sufferers with unpleasant symptoms such as cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea. Flare-ups are common from triggers such as sugar-laden rich foods, […]
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December 3, 2018

it’s all in your head: neuroplasticity and happiness

We’ve all heard of miraculous stories of human beings who have been able to recover completely after a traumatic injury or experience.  Many of these people have gone further than just survival and have thrived and flourished remarkably. One explanation behind these magical outcomes is something known as Neuroplasticity. Our brains are truly extraordinary and […]
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how to have happy healthy kids September 24, 2018

happy healthy kids | where to start?

As reported frequently by children’s wellness advocates, the last two decades have seen a shift where “childhood” has moved indoors. The average child spends much less time in structured outdoor play, and many more hours in front of an electronic screen. This shift inside has had a tremendous impact on children’s health as we see […]
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homeopathy July 25, 2018

homeopathy | the law of similars

  Homeopathy has been gaining more and more attention as its popularity spreads. And with good reason – it is convenient, safe, effective, and affordable. So… what is homeopathy?   Founded back in the 18th century by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, this system of medicine is based on the premise of “like-cures-like,” otherwise known as the law of similars.  […]
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body July 21, 2018

your body hears you.. what are you telling it?

What foods we put into our bodies impacts our energy, moods as well as the obvious– our physical health. By becoming more mindful and intentional about what, when and why we eat, we can create balance and harmony both physically and emotionally. One of the best ways to do this is to imagine and understand that the […]
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July 12, 2018

Getting ahead of the curve |  the Schroth Method 

    ‘If you would seek health, look first to the spine.’ – Socrates   One of the most critical parts of our body is possibly one of the most overlooked, and that is the spine. Looking like the letter S from the side (even though it is actually straight), the spine is a vital component of the entire central […]
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July 4, 2018

the thyroid | a balancing act

Sometimes you just feel ‘off’. You’re slightly off-balance and can’t explain it. It may be a feeling of fatigue that just won’t go away, even after a full night’s sleep. Or maybe you’re feeling depressed or anxious without a rational cause. And even though you’ve been consistent with your diet and exercise, the pounds have somehow piled on pounds that just won’t budge. All of these symptoms can possibly point to a thyroid disorder.  […]
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alfasight June 27, 2018

a picture is worth 1000 words | AlfaSight9000

  Rooted in passion the Hundred Wellness Centre offers a wide range of classes, treatment options and lifestyle consultancy services, that are unique to the UAE and are designed to help you better understand your body, mind and spirit. One of the things that we pride ourselves on is that we also offer a cutting […]
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skin June 10, 2018

skin deep | a talk with our naturopathic doctor

Beauty comes from within… in more ways than one! The texture, tone and overall complexion of your skin tells others a lot about your general state of health. Did you know that only 20- 30% of the skin aging process is actually determined by genetics? The rest is in your control!  It is commonly said amongst Naturopathic Doctors that the state of one’s skin reflects the health of the gastrointestinal tract or […]
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