A Day to be Proud

November 25, 2015


Living in a country that has achieved so much in such a short space of time is something to cherish every day. Our every day life is inspirational and there is nothing that is impossible in the UAE. This is a beautiful message to give to our younger generations, showing them that everyone can achieve their dream. With The Hundred, we are proud to be giving something back to the local community, educating people on health and wellbeing and encouraging them to lead a healthier lifestyle. As a female Emirati entrepreneur, I want to show how the sky is the limit for women in the UAE, and help budding entrepreneurs realise that with passion, love for what you do and determination, you can achieve your dreams.



“In unity we have strength, 7 emirates united 44 years ago. Everyone you meet has many differences as they do similarities with you. Focus on what you have in common and experience unity with ease, joy and glory.”

Dr. Mariam Ketait – Founder of Dubai Integrative Healing







“My UAE is my inspiration. Happy national day to everyone, and many more to come!”

Shamsa Alabbar – Jewellery Designer






Hollywilliams“I can’t think of a better place to live right now. I came to the UAE in my early twenties and over the past 9 years it has been so kind to me, providing me with the right environment to fulfill my ambitions and realise my dreams. I always say it’s like the new, modern day American Dream. Here, in the UAE, if you can think it, if you can dream it — and of course if you have the talent and passion to match it, you can do it. It’s a “Yes” place, and what’s better than that? I am forever grateful to this country, my second home, its people and its leaders.”

Holly Williams – Founder of thehuntr.com and 22.agency




“A lot has changed in 20 years but it’s still home to me. It’s still my piece of Heaven. I love how I’m so close to the nature in the desert but still right beside the beautiful beaches. I never take it for granted – everyday I’m grateful that I’m here.”

Maria Dowling – Hair stylist






Lamis“I’m proud of my country because this is my homeland, and my love and pride for it is instinctual.  As an entrepreneur, being Emirati means living in a land of peace, stability, and a country that celebrates innovation. The air here is filled with the excitement of opportunity, and talent is universal while opportunity is not. Being Emirati has given me the background and platform to lead as an Arab woman and celebrated my vision for a greener economy through design and social entrepreneurship. I truly believe leading as the first Arab owned bio-disposable design solutions and supply business in the Middle East is working as well as it is here because this is the U.A.E after all; and we’re a nation built on a big vision and a true love for authentic contribution that some may call work.”

Lames Harib – Owner of BioD




“Today I am proud to be shaping the Emirati art scene and being able to reinvent my heritage and document our glory from an artist perspective.”

Zainab Al Hashemi – Designer