fascial anatomy, incredible changes and the contrology pilates method by karin locher comes to dubai!

July 4, 2013

CPM Education in Dubai!

The first to restore fascia from a movement application..

 What is CPM Education?

 CPM Education (Contrology Pilates Method) is a Teacher Training School and Continuing Education provider. It offers Comprehensive Teacher Training, Bridging programmes and Workshops in Europe, UK, USA and in Dubai (2014 dates coming soon).



CPM teach to the origins of the historical Pilates Method, recognizing the newly discovered fascial anatomy and human functionality rooted in its intent and design.

This newly discovered ‘fascial anatomy’ is now widely accepted as the third whole system of the body. Coined the system of stability, greatest sensory organ, mechanical regulatory system and communication network, it influences the whole mechanism and therefore the whole of our physiology.

From the vision of Joe Pilates and the revolutionary findings of the Anatomy Train’s ‘map to the fascia’, a new ‘fascial application’ is demonstrated and experienced, one which is capable of influencing and restoring the whole system.


CPM and The Hundred Studio

A few weeks ago in June, Karin Locher spent the week at the Hundred Pilates Studio, completing the third week of the Bridging to CPM programme. Through structured client observation, tuition and profound experience the teachers had all made incredible changes and shifts in both body and mind, Bridging not only their Pilates but their anatomy and thinking too.

Bridging to this fascial body awareness is offered to all fully certified and qualified Pilates professionals, looking to take another leap into the never ending depths of learning.

 Workshops are Associated with Anatomy Trains and are offered to all body workers and movement professionals.

CPM will be collaborating with the Hundred Studio to bring you these programmes.


CPM is back in Dubai in January 2014 with another group of Bridging teachers ready to start this fascial journey, and will be offering more workshops for all.

 So keep your eyes and ears open for the next workshop or course that you could attend. It will turn your thinking, your work and even your world upside down! Get ahead of the game and be one of the first to acknowledge and work with the transforming elements of the fascia, you won’t look back.





Karin Locher

Karin Locher

A teacher and lecturer for over 15 years, Karin’s work began through her dedication to the original, now somewhat historical, teachings of Joseph and Clara Pilates and the profound life changing potential behind their Method, Contrology. Web: www.contrology-pilates-method.com

From her Study of Contrology and the revolutionizing work of Thomas Myers, Karin developed a neuro-muscular application, found from the origins of the Pilates Method which influences to re-store and re-tune the body’s myo-fascial system. This sense felt fascia consciousness offers a language and application to re-connect you to the vast implications the fascial system has on your functionality and health.

Karin demonstrates the stunning relationship between the original Pilates instruction and its ‘spring’ intent with the newly discovered fascial research that is now sweeping across the world. She offers us an ever broader vision and deeper insight into the Pilates genius, and the great phenomena of fascia.