Healthy Trends in 2016

January 24, 2016




As the year advances, we look at the top trends for 2016 and what we can expect to hit the Middle Eastern Wellness Industry. Here are our top four predictions!


  • DNA Testing

More focus will be put on DNA testing showing the importance of how your DNA make up can affect how you should eat, exercise, take supplements and more.

  • Vitamin Infusion

A trend that is already big in the USA, but hasn’t hit the Middle East just yet, is vitamin infusions, where you have essential vitamins inserted through a drip. When personalized to your DNA and what your body needs, it can be a great way to improve your health and wellbeing.

  • Tracking Technology

Technology plays such a large role in our lives, so it is no surprise that health is now using technology and Apps to help improve people’s wellbeing. Tracking technology, such as the wristbands you wear to see how well you sleep or how much movement you are doing throughout the day will continue to increase in popularity as the technology becomes even more advanced and the results more accurate.

  • Homeopathy Natural Medicine

More and more people are turning towards alternative medicine nowadays, realizing that taking the natural route is sometimes just what your body needs. As this trend increases even more, we believe the region will see an influx in the amount of people going to homeopathic practitioners and believing in the power of natural healing.