pilates, the workout intensity & the floating feeling

January 22, 2013

Jeanique Lascar at The Hundred Pilates Studio in Dubai

Jeanique Lascar Pilates Instructor at The Hundred Pilates Studio, Dubai

How great is it to know that exercise and physical fitness are finally becoming an important part of people’s daily routine which influences them to take better care of themselves. It is a pleasure to share this desire for healthier life while teaching Pilates, which was created by the very insightful, Joseph Hubertus Pilates (commonly known and titled as Joseph Pilates) who understood the power of having great muscles

endurance, strength and flexibility in order to sustain the day to day strain that life places upon us. Of course, let’s not forget the beauty and confidence that comes with it, as well as pride when wearing a beautifully fitting bikini or jeans that accentuate women’s figure!

So, whether you are a sports fanatic who enjoys hard(core) workouts or just want to feel the connection of mind and body, the springs will surely make you feel your powerhouse and a great deal of “internal shower” ( rejuvenated blood circulation).  And whichever class you choose, rest assured that you will experience the workout intensity as well as the lightness and floating feeling that comes with it!  – Jeanique, Pilates Teacher at The Hundred Pilates Studio Dubai.


Jeanique Kalodjera is a former professional dancer, who moved all the way from Mauritius to Dubai nine years ago to perform with her dance troop at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Club. After an injury, Jeanique discovered the Pilates Method and decided to take on the intensive 12 months program , to obtain a teacher training The Pilates Centerin Boulder, Colorado. After successfully graduating, Jeanique has been enjoying teaching people on how to be in control of their own body, and have a positive mind set in day to day life. To stay close to her artistic roots, Jeanique takes Ballet classes and incorporates Pilates techniques to perfect her moves.