Improve our planet’s wellbeing!

October 11, 2015


Being a 360-wellness center, we not only care about the wellbeing of our clients, but also the wellbeing of our planet. Unfortunately, many companies in the UAE are not doing enough to combat climate change and our levels of recycling and saving energy are a lot lower than other major cities around the world, like London or Paris. We are determined to change this and educate the community on the importance of protecting the world we live in.


We have teamed up with, BioD, a Dubai grown company offering innovative bio-packaging and single-use disposables in the Middle East, to provide our clients with naturally biodegradable products. In a market focusing on petroleum, BioD has broken through to offer plant-based disposables from renewable sources and the best materials in their category worldwide.


bamboo1Starting with BioD’s bioplastic cold cups and straws for our juicing needs, as well as their plant-based waste bags, which are used throughout the center, we will have even more of their environmentally friendly products in the future. The Espresso Lab located at the center also uses their fantastic 8 oz double walled coffee cups and bioplastic lids, along with their sustainably sourced stirrers, which support sustainable forestry and international taxation laws.



Making your business more eco-friendly is all in the little things. If you can make small changes, bit by bit, then your company will be able to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The best thing about choosing BioD is the fact that their products don’t require behavioral changes from our clients or our team members. They are exact alternatives to everyday items, but have an extremely different effect on the environment.


Here are just a couple of reasons why we love working with BioD and encourage all our clients to take time to appreciate their products:

  • Their disposables are made from renewable sources, with a much lower greenhouse gas emission process in manufacturing than petroleum-based plastics. Their use cancels out the alternative influx of potential pollution their counterparts would have caused and negative effects, whether it’s on our health or on the environment.
  • The BioD items are non-toxic, and do not harm animals or marine life if they come into contact with them or end up being eaten by them. Likewise they do not enter our food system in a toxic manner, which most harmful plastics do.
  • The BioD items go 100% back into the earth as bionutrients, giving some much needed minerals back to the soil!

By using and promoting companies like BioD, and other environmentally friendly products, we can start to educate the population on the importance of living a sustainable and eco-friendly life. Living in such a fast-paced city, especially a city like Dubai which is continuously changing, it’s vital that we show that being ‘green’ doesn’t need to affect your lifestyle or day-to-day tasks. If you drink coffee, just choose an eco-friendly coffee cup or reusable coffee container; recycle your packaging at home, sorting out papers, plastics, cans and glass; and use products that are better for your health and do not release harmful chemicals into the environment. If you change one step at a time you will be able to adapt your routine without making too much of an impact. By using naturally biodegradable products, our earth can be our very own waste management system. Instead of constantly filling landfills or harmfully burning waste, we need to promote products that break down naturally into the earth and even provide essential nutrients to the soil, such as the BioD products.


To learn more about BioD visit their website or head down to the center and see their range of fantastic products!