We like to MOVE IT, MOVE IT!

October 11, 2015



Burning more fat and increasing more muscle while working out for less…now this sounds like an urban myth. Is it really possible to reduce the time you spend in the gym while getting fitter and healthier even quicker?!

While many people who are trying to lose weight or get fit think that the longer you exercise for, the healthier you become, this technically isn’t true. Interval training is a fitness programme alternating high-intensity exercises with low intensity breaks, and according to the American College of Sports Medicine, these types of exercises burn between 6-15 percent more calories compared to other, more traditional workouts. It is a increasingly popular type of exercise that even top celebrities around the world are hooked on.

At The Hundred Wellness Center, we have teamed up with Derryn Brown, one of Dubai’s most sought-after fitness models and personal trainers, to get clients to Move It! The Move it training sessions are based around functional movements and are not for the faint hearted! There are 8 different stations around the Functional Play studio and each participant spends 30 seconds at each station, before having a 30 second rest and moving on to the next station. Having completed an entire round of the room, they then have a 1-minute break before going for round 2, completing 3 rounds in total. The stations are challenging and focused, including Kettlebell Deadlifts, Burpees, ladder drills and lunges.

These high-energy classes are great fun and are perfect for those who get bored easily while working out. It is an excellent way to burn fat and get in shape, as the exercises incorporate full body movements at a high intensity, plus you do get a break in-between. J


Why take a Move It class?

  • You’ll burn more calories – As mentioned above, interval training has been proven to be one of the best ways to burn fat and shape up the body.
  • You’ll improve your aerobic capacity – As your cardiovascular fitness improves, you’ll be able to work out for longer or at a higher intensity, improving your fitness regime.
  • You won’t get bored – Interval training focus on undertaking short bursts of different activities meaning that you will never get bored of what you are doing.
  • You will have fun and make friends – The Move It classes are extremely energetic and you will meet lot of people who want to improve their health and have fun while doing so.


With the 45-minute classes by Derryn at 10am every Saturday or classes with other instructors at 10am on Monday, 4pm on Tuesday or 10:30am on Wednesday, there’s a day to suit everyone. Give us a call today to book your class and move it!