adaptogens February 28, 2018

let’s talk adaptogens and immune 360

  You may have heard, there are some new kids on the block and their names are ‘adaptogens’— Only they aren’t new to us at The Hundred Wellness Centre! If you are a regular client you know that our best-selling supplement ‘Immune 360‘ has somewhat of a cult following, and we can’t keep it on our shelves! But did you know that part of the magic of this […]
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plants February 11, 2018

plants – every home needs some

  There’s something about plants that just liven up a room, right? They add color, texture and warmth to the home, and they can even improve air quality. Most indoor plants are pretty easy to grow, but they must be given appropriate care in order to thrive, but as lovely as they can be, they are one of the more intimidating parts […]
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beryl January 31, 2018

a power session with Beryl

  Ever wonder what a session would be like with an NLP Gold Master Trainer, Emotional Intelligence Development Coach, published Hypnotherapist, and Relationship/Communication Coach? Well, wonder no more! This month we are excited to welcome one of the only people on Earth that holds all those titles (and more!). Our super talented friend Beryl Comar is coming back to The Hundred Wellness Centre, and whilst […]
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marathon January 24, 2018

marathon runners | stretch it out 

Get your running shoes out and ready for some action, because in a few days it’s that time of year again… Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon time! Now maybe this year you’re running to raise awareness for a cause that’s close to your heart, or maybe it’s something that’s been on your bucket list and is a personal challenge. Whatever your motivation […]
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gratitude January 15, 2018

gratitude challenge | count your blessings

Expressing gratitude isn’t always easy, actually sometimes it’s work.. Really hard work! Why? Because we can get so caught up being busy with our to-do lists and keeping up with everyone in the fast lane, that some days can leave us completely losing sight of all the gifts that are all around us.   You see, gratitude isn’t something that only happens to us when good things come. […]
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goals January 8, 2018

goals with intention

    Ready, set, goals! Here we are in January! With another 12 months to really push ourselves to live the best way we can. Twelve more full months to live intentionally and be the people we want to be.  It’s so easy to get caught up in our bad habits, routines that no longer serve us and relationships that […]
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trends-health-food-drink December 18, 2017

wellness on trend

  With each new year, comes new health and wellness trends. In 2017 as we became more focused on sustainability, gut health and better nutrition, and it set 2018 up to see a flood of new health products that better support our general health and wellbeing. To give you a heads up on what wellness trends we expect to be huge hits in 2018, we compiled a […]
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reminder December 10, 2017

reminders for the new year

Preparations are in full swing for the new year, and everyone’s getting ready to turn the page and close the last chapter of 2017. So, as a gentle reminder to keep us all moving in the right direction we at The Hundred Wellness Centre decided to put together a few thoughts on how to keep up the great work!  Reminder 01- […]
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uae-flag-the-hundred November 30, 2017

Happy 46th National Day, UAE – Love, The Hundred Wel...

It’s December, and we all have a special few days ahead! Because before we end 2017 we get to wish our beloved UAE a happy 46th birthday! Somehow time has flown by, and it feels just like yesterday that we put together a video with some of our team to celebrate the 45th UAE National Day last year (you can see […]
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sunset-yoga-the-hundred November 29, 2017

sunset yoga in the garden

  Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully. – Kristen Butler Catch your breath under the magical Dubai sunset in our Hundred Wellness gardens, listening to the sounds of the city in the cool early evening breeze, all while restoring your inner balance. During this special Vinyasa flow, not only will you […]
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