the hundred pilates studio dubai – winner at the arabia fast growth 500 awards!

December 21, 2012

The Hundred Pilates Studio wins Dubai SME Rank at the AllWorld’s Fast Growth Arabia500 Awards Celebration

The Hundred Pilates Studio  Dubai wins Dubai SME Rank at the AllWorld’s Fast Growth Arabia500 Awards Celebration

On December 10 2012, The Hundred Pilates Studio won place under the Dubai SME category at the AllWorld Network’s Arabia500 Awards for the 3rd Annual Global Entrepreneurial Summit at the DWTC, along with 400 other innovative and budding entrepreneurs from across the Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan & North Africa.

“For the past four years AllWorld and its 70 partners launched an unprecedented effort to scour the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey, finding thousands of growing and innovative companies largely unknown to the world.  The Arabia500 are some of the most sophisticated entrepreneurs, many with operations spanning more than 100 countries.  They are creating thousands of new jobs each year, and with worldwide visibility, they can expand and modernize the economic base of the region,” say AllWorld co-CEOs Deirdre Coyle and Anne Habiby.

“The third annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit is a unique opportunity for energized and innovative entrepreneurs, matched with the world’s top business leaders, government policymakers, and other champions of entrepreneurship to create the foundation for extraordinary new opportunities” stated Ambassador of the United States to the United Arab Emirates Michael H. Corbin.

Creating global opportunities and jobs is what AllWorld is all about. Giving worldwide visibility to the emerging world’s high growth, high potential companies, AllWorld Entrepreneurs are on track to create one million new jobs and build the largest entrepreneurship collaboration and information system by 2015. AllWorld Entrepreneurs are some of the region’s fastest growing enterprises, and they are teaming up to achieve scale and push forward innovations in areas from renewal energy, to mobile, to education.   They are also among the most innovative employers, offering valuable on-the-job training a wide range of employee benefits and profit sharing, and as a group the Arabia500 have encourage more than 300 employees to spin off as successful entrepreneurs.

“The Arabia500 Awards are a true celebration of entrepreneurial excellence in the Arab world, and it offers a strong opportunity not only for the fast-growing SMEs to benefit through networking with their peers, but also will serve as inspiration for emerging entrepreneurs.” – Helal Saeed Almarri, CEO of Dubai World Trade Centre.

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