the hundred’s recent mothers

April 8, 2013

“I decided to take up Pilates again when I was 2 months pregnant, having had a 3 year break from Pilates. The main reasonTHE HUNDRED'S RECENT MOTHERS was to strengthen my core such that my back injury would not flair up during pregnancy. I thoroughly enjoyed getting back into Pilates and it seemed that my body recognized the exercise regime. I wished that I had taken it up sooner again to help recover from a long term back injury. During pregnancy Pilates really helped improve my posture and strengthen my core and back muscles, so that I had no problems carrying the weight and had no restrictions in my movements. I was lucky to have a fast and easy delivery and I do credit Pilates (which I practiced up to 4 days before giving birth) at least partly for that. Taking up Pilates again 2 months after my son Yannick was born helped me strengthen my pelvic floor and get back in shape very quickly. I can definitely recommend it pre and post natal!” –Nicola Owen

“Pilates really helped me to stay fit throughout the pregnancy and to regain strength after delivery. I can only recommend both Pilates and Sian as a wonderful trainer to all moms to be or who have recently given birth. I particularly appreciated and valued that Sian adapted the program to the various stages of my pregnancy and thereby made it possible to continue my training until the week before delivery!” –Hanna Buchler Eden