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At the Hundred Wellness Centre, we believe that health is holistic and employ a mind, body and soul approach to everything we offer. We provide a broad offering of highly specialized clinical, nutritional and rehabilitative treatments, including the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Alongside this, we have complementary therapies to enhance and accelerate all the positives on your well-being journey. 


In 1960, 1 in 20 women developed Breast Cancer; today it is one in eight. Key risk factors such as exposure to carcinogens, xenoestrogens, certain medications, and obesity contribute to hormonal dysfunction. Assessing risk and effective screening enable improved awareness, detection and prevention of Breast Cancer. 95% of all cancers are related to Epigenetic factors such as poor diet, chronic stress and environmental toxins. 

The Hundred Wellness Centre offers women a unique array of services, supplements and innovative technology within 2 distinct packages to mitigate risk factors, enhance breast health and provide protection against Breast Cancer.

Whatever your current breast health status, be proactive. Embark on a Breast Health Journey with our team of knowledgeable, compassionate and insightful experts, and take an active role in your own health.


Private Consultation and Healthy Breast Diet

The Essential package includes a 30 minute session with one of our doctors, who will assess your current breast health and breast cancer risk factors, based on a thorough understanding of you and your family’s medical history. The Enhanced package includes a 60 minute, in-depth consultation with one of our doctors. This includes a more comprehensive breast health exam, an assessment of genetic and other cancer risk factors, as well as an evaluation of any other current or potential health issues that may concern you.

There is also an emphasis on adopting the correct diet, to decrease inflammation and enhance detoxification. We will advise you on specific foods and herbs that can balance acid/alkaline levels, support liver function, boost immunity and restore optimal digestive function and friendly bacteria.

Hydration and juicing protocols are discussed. Proteolytic enzymes are essential, as are other additional nutritional supplements and phytoestrogens, recommended according to risk factors, family history, lifestyle and concurrent conventional treatments.

In both packages, a follow-up consultation will take place after the tests are carried out, to discuss and interpret findings and customize a healthy breast protocol.

DNA Estrogen Test

DNA Estrogen tests for gene variants that have been shown to have an impact on how estrogen is processed in your body, and if the processing of estrogen is efficient and healthy.

The non-invasive DNA Estrogen test reports on the following areas:

  • Variations in key genes involved in metabolizing estrogen and related compounds
  • Impact of high-risk gene variations
  • Intervention strategies for carriers of high-risk genetic variations

AlfaSight 9000 – Thermography Test

The AlfaSight is a regulation thermometry™ system that provides a visual representation of the responsiveness of the autonomic nervous system, which can uncover the causal factors of many diseases. It is a non-invasive, FDA approved, accurate technology supported by more than 100,000 patient assessments and has been clinically correlated with hundreds of MRI & CT scans.

Bottle of Bioresponse DIM150

This supplement contains DIM which is found in all cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower) and promotes beneficial estrogen metabolism and healthy hormonal balance.

Scientists believe it is DIM’s ability that influences the liver to make more of the “good” estrogen that is protective and less of the ‘bad’ which may be harmful; this may play the biggest role in lowering the risk of breast cancer.

Infrared Sauna Sessions

Sweating it out is an important aspect of cancer prevention and our infrared sauna sessions offer the perfect practice to accelerate detoxification, in comparison to normal saunas, because the red light wavelength is necessary to penetrate fat tissues, where most toxins are stored, to stimulate detox. They can be purchased as add-on sessions or as part of the Enhanced Package.

Video on Lymphatic Health

The lymphatic system is so critical to immune status and in turn breast health, and lymphatic circulation improves oxygenation and nutrient exchange while removing wastes

more efficiently. Research shows that one of the factors that promote tumour growth is poor microcirculation in the area where the tumour develops.

This video discusses various exercises, foods, massages and other strategies such as contrast showers, rebounding, dry skin-brushing and breast-self massage to enhance lymph flow.



Enhanced Package – AED 3999

Essential Package – AED 2699

Our breast health package is a non-invasive program to help prevent breast cancer and provide breast health awareness.

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