The Hundred Core Challenge

If you want to sweat, have fun, burn calories, and increase your muscle endurance, The Hundred Core Challenge Class is for you! In this class we combine the use of equipment with a series of powerful sequence exercises, and this mix of gravity resistance and movement provides the ultimate workout to train your strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power and ultimately your core* stability. The Hundred Core Challenge class is 45 minutes long, and as the name indicates, you will also be performing a number of the exercises to the count of “hundred” but we promise it will be fast and fun, and you might even lose count!

*The ‘core’ consists of the hips, pelvis, abdominals, lower back, mid-back, and neck regions of the body; essentially the core is the foundation of your body.

To find out more about The Hundred Core Challenge classes on offer at The Hundred Wellness Centre or to book a class contact us here.