Pilates Reformer Classes

What is it?

The Hundred Wellness Centre Pilates reformer classes are performed on the ‘Reformer’ – a specialized piece of equipment, which uses a unique combination of springs, straps and a sliding carriage to carry out challenging exercises. The Pilates reformer classes are 55 minutes long and feature just 5 people per class.

At a Pilates reformer class you will use your center – or your powerhouse – to move your body weight with the reformer’s spring-loaded carriage. This challenging and addictive fitness method helps you to improve balance and coordination. It also creates a unique strength and stretch effect on the entire body, which helps to achieve the long and lean look and/or recover from a training method that exhausts isolated muscle groups. Pilates reformer class goers soon see a uniformly developed body and a strong back and abdominal muscles.

How do I know which class to sign up for?

Ideally those interested in joining our Pilates reformer classes undergo a couple of private reformer sessions with our expert teachers first. This is because the reformer machine takes a little getting used to, and we want you to achieve the most out of our classes. This is especially recommended if you have never done any type of Pilates before.

Beginner Level – This level is for those who are new to Pilates or for those who may have an injury and need to take it a little slower.. In this class you will learn the fundamental exercises that create the foundation of how to move safely with proper hip/spine alignment, transitioning from one exercise to the other, learning how to stabilize using the mind body concentration for fluid, smooth, flowing and centering movement along with proper breathing. This class is a prerequisite for higher level classes. You must be in good health with no special considerations to take this class.

Beginner/Intermediate Level – This class level provides additional reformer exercises and/or advancement of existing exercises. You will be challenged with a faster pace and introduced to new exercises, which challenge the mind body connection, increase your endurance and improve neuromuscular control and coordination. You will begin to learn to transition quickly between the exercises and link them into a flowing, graceful and efficient workout with increased range of motion as the body becomes stronger and more balanced. Teacher approval is required to take this class.

Intermediate Level – This class builds on the exercises from the Beginner/Intermediate Level class. The exercises become more challenging, and the pace of the class is faster – therefore more strength, stamina and coordination are required. Teacher approval is required to take this class.

Advanced Level – This level is dedicated to more experienced students who have been doing Pilates for a while. This class uses full choreographed repertoire and a faster pace maintaining a centered core and flowing breath. Teacher approval is required to take this class.

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