At the Hundred Wellness Centre, we believe that health is holistic and employ a mind, body and soul approach to everything we offer. We provide a broad offering of highly specialised clinical, nutritional and rehabilitative treatments, including the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Alongside this we have complementary therapies to enhance and accelerate all the positives on your well being journey. 


No matter how careful we are, it’s impossible to eliminate certain factors that can damage our bodies, including what we eat, what we breathe and what we’re exposed to. NanoViTM is a non-invasive, chemical-free technology that promotes recovery and rejuvenation by repairing everyday cell damage and improving cellular activity. 


  • Accelerate repair of oxidative stress damage
  • Increase vitality and performance
  • Recovery after exertion from intense training etc. 

This simple, relaxing treatment emits signals that mimic the body’s natural repair mechanisms, helping to strengthen the immune system, increase vitality and slow the aging process. 

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