emirates woman

emirates woman – june 2012 – beauty shoot

Ship Shape

The word ‘holiday’ is synonymous with bikinis and micro-shorts.  Every jet-setter identifiable by their year round golden and enviably honed body will tell you how precious the ‘training days’ are leading up to parading on the sand.

There’s no doubt that the shape of the body beautiful is changing.  In the 1950s screen siren Sophia Loren was famed for her 38″ 24″ 38″ hourglass figure.  Now, supermodel Gisele Bundchen boasts the desired stats of 34″ 25″ 35″.

In pursuit of perfection, there;s no substitute for hard graft.  For the hardcore early bird there is Ignite Fitness & Wellness’ Dawn Patrol Military Bootcamp starting at 6am.  Founder and fitness fanatic Guillaume Mariole and his team will whip you into shape with a series of challenging workouts using anything from sandbags to truck tires and ropes.  Mariole says: “exercising on the sand both increases resistance and burns more calories, making your workout double effective.”

For a more sedate, yet still effective approach, head to The Hundred Pilates Studio.  The brainchild of local Pilates-phile Asma Hilal Lootah (www.thehundred.ae) this elegant exercise form sees the expert instructors sculpt you into exquisite proportions.  Long, lean muscles, a strong core and flexible limbs are alll on the checklist leaving you with ballerina-esque posture.

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