fujairah women’s college visit

Fujairah Women’s College-visit-dubai-pilates

After Asma’s last talk in January at the LEQA event at Fujairah Women’s College to celebrate the achievements of Emirati entrepreneurs, Dr. Nathan Kawansson from the Business Faculty decided to bring his female students on a field trip to The Hundred Pilates studio on May 6th. Asma was indeed honored by this visit, it was such an inspiring and rewarding experience for her. She shared with them her story, challenges, future dreams and what Pilates is all about. She was impressed by how smart these girls are! They were an inspiration to Asma since they were all graduating in a month’s time and a few already run their own businesses – and some are moms! Asma truly thanks HCT and Dr. Nathan for coming all the way from Fujairah. This shows how a great teacher and educator can play an important role in a student’s life, which makes her think how Pilates instructors are also educators and how they can inspire others, as Asma’s first Pilates instructor, Kim Parsons, inspired her to embark on this journey of Pilates and fitness. Asma is proud to be an Emirati female and proud of these girls. Who wouldn’t? An inspirational day indeed!