hot 100

hot 100 – january 2011 – putting power into pilates

As the youngest daughter of the former President of the National Federal Council of the UAE, Asma had a strong role model. Which makes it no surprise that her successful business, The Hundred Pilates Studio, recently won the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Young Business Leaders. But rather than keep the glory to herself, she generously donated a percentage of the profits towards buying a dialysis machine for Dubai Hospital.

Focused and driven, Asma is enjoys what her business allows her to give back to those around her. “I enjoy what I do because I give back to my society and make a difference in people’s lives,” says the Emirati. “Educating the people of the UAE about health and fitness, and encouraging them to exercise and take charge of their bodies in a country where obesity and diabetes is increasing rapidly, is my biggest reward.”

As an avid sports enthusiast, Asma has tried various activities ranging from scuba diving to aerobics. Then she stumbled across Pilates and was instantaneously hooked. “Besides becoming physically fit, I developed better posture and became more mentally focused than ever before. The idea came to open my own studio when the one I used shut down. I started to look for another and realised there was a gap in the market for somewhere that was suited to Emirati or Muslim women. That’s when I decided to set about opening my own, and I’ve never looked back.”

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