shape – january 2013 – pilates chair

What – This box-like seat, was created by Joseph Pilates to help people with knee injuries get back on their feet.  It comes with a padded seat and a sprung pedal.

Workout – During a one-hour workout, you stretch and tone each part of your body.  Exercises involve standing on one leg with arms folded and pressing down the pedal with the arch of your foot, inverting yourself on the box and a push-up on the floor while using the pedal.  It’s less about the reps and more about getting the body in alignment and control.  To improve in your sport, you need great posture and balance, and this can help you get there.

Wowed – How could something so small be so powerful?  While you’re not out of breath at the end of it, every little muscle in your core aches.  You also walk out of the class a little taller and straighter than when you went in.

Where – Priced from Dhs90

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