timeout dubai

timeout dubai – april 2010 – body & mind, stretchy-feely workouts

Time Out compares five of Dubai’s hottest yoga and Pilates classes to see which had our core more sore

Machine Pilates

Best for:  precision

Sore spot after:  inner ab muscles

Process:  At The Hundred studio they encourage newcomers to go through an assessment. Our super knowledgeable instructor started by analysing the state of our spine and discovered that our left hip and shoulders sit higher than the right. She did this because they want to know exactly how much each muscle needs to be worked. We started by focusing on breathing, and then did some pelvic tilts that involved minimal movement. We then got onto the reformer machine to do crunches (which burned!) and some hamstring and quad stretches. We rounded off by doing upper back stretches that involved lying back on a cylindrical object and felt absolutely amazing.

Verdict:  The workout felt slow, with a lot of focus on breathing and precise tilts and crunches, but afterwards we felt strain deep in our ab muscles, which suggests that it really works. It would be perfect for people who have issues with particular muscles.

The Hundred Studio is based in Dubai Healthcare City and runs classes of maximum 5 people for Dhs90 per session, as well as private sessions for Dhs29o. The initial consultation costs Dhs2So. For more visit www.thehundred.ae

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