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What is the Pilates method?

Pilates is loved and practiced all around the world by some of the planet’s greatest sports people, actresses, actors, models and amateur athletes. Claudia Schiffer, Lily Aldridge, Penelope Cruz, Hugh Grant, Serena Williams, David Beckham and many more swear by it. So what is all of the fuss about?

Founded in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates (who dubbed his method “contrology”) – Classical Pilates – uses a series of controlled exercises, which engage the mind and transform the entire body. Posture is corrected, muscles are lengthened, stress melts away and many people around the world are completely smitten with the method as they see the positive changes it makes to their mind and body. As the founder himself once said: “In ten sessions you will feel the difference. In twenty sessions you will see the difference and in thirty you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body.”

As with many great things in life, the best way to understand the incredible ways in which Pilates can help you is to try it. And there’s no better time than now – so book your class today and never look back…

“Pilates is not just for the fit. It is wonderful for injuries. My damaged shoulder was taken in hand, special exercises prescribed, attentive care always available. A younger member of our group recently had a hip operation and Pilates helped her recovery; another broke a leg and arrived for classes encased in plaster. Already she’s back on her feet. I stop short of making medical claims. I merely report what I have seen.” – Joan Bakewell, writer and broadcaster, on the secret of her health and agility at the age of 70.

Pilates classes on offer at the Hundred Wellness Centre

Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates mat classes are performed on a yoga mat and help you to improve your core control and strength, balance and standing alignment. This addictive class features controlled exercises, which are performed in various positions on a mat – seated, lying down, on your side and on your front. We use various tools to help you to get into a position or challenge your performance including straps, poles, bands, balls and magic circles.

The exercises performed in the Pilates mat classes are at the foundation of the Pilates method and provide you with the ability to improve your total body strength and focus on the core and powerhouse.

Pilates Reformer Classes

The Hundred Wellness Centre Pilates reformer classes are performed on the ‘Reformer’ – a specialized piece of equipment, which uses a unique combination of springs, straps and a sliding carriage to carry out challenging exercises. The Pilates reformer classes are 55 minutes long and feature just 5 people per class.

At a Pilates reformer class you will use your center – or your powerhouse – to move your body weight with the reformer’s spring-loaded carriage. This challenging and addictive fitness method helps you to improve balance and coordination. It also creates a unique strength and stretch effect on the entire body, which helps to achieve the long and lean look and/or recover from a training method that exhausts isolated muscle groups. Pilates reformer class goers soon see a uniformly developed body and a strong back and abdominal muscles.

Pilates Pole Classes

Our Pilates pole classes are performed on a special wall unit, which is an adaptation of the trapeze table – a unique piece of Pilates equipment. Exercises are performed that help you to correct any imbalances, build strength, power and stability and help achieve greater mobility within the body and spine. You will use springs and straps to move and perform exercises, which range from gentle to advanced depending on your capabilities and goals.

Pilates Circuit Classes

Our Pilates circuit classes are a fusion of all of the Pilates we offer at The Hundred Wellness Centre in one high-energy session. You will get to experience the mat, chair, reformer and pole Pilates exercises. This class utilizes the best Pilates tools on the market including circles, balls, bands and foam rollers. This is a fun, challenging class ideal for exploring the main Pilates principles and fundamentals in one session.

Pilates Duet Sessions

The Hundred Wellness Centre invites you to take your Pilates training to the next level – and reap the benefits of extra-small sessions with our expert trainers. Invite your friends, family or partner to join you for these incredibly beneficial Pilates duet sessions, which can be taken using the reformer, the chair or the mat disciplines of Pilates.

This is a great and cost-effective way to experience the luxury of private Pilates sessions in Dubai – split the cost with a friends and prepare to be challenged.

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