At the Hundred Wellness Centre, we believe that health is holistic and employ a mind, body and soul approach to everything we offer. In addition to our Pilates and Yoga classes and Natural Therapies, we also have a dedicated team that offers a diverse range of Rehabilitative treatments like Chiropractor and Physiotherapy to help you achieve optimum physical fitness and wellbeing.


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Physiotherapy aims to restore physical mobility and function in people who are affected by injury, illness or disability. A combined program of manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and education helps patients to manage pain, heal injuries and prevent further physical complications. This holistic approach involves the patient directly in their own treatment program and enables them to take control of their own recovery, while thus establishing good everyday habits and practices that reduce their risk of future injury.


  • Pain alleviation
  • Mobility and strength restoration
  • Return to daily activities and sports
  • Injury prevention
  • Modification of problematic movement patterns

We believe that you should never have to compromise on the results that you deserve, and for this reason, we work with you to not only define your treatment goals but also to identify the origins of your symptoms and your pain and to help you better manage your physical health in the long term. 


Our entire team of practitioners work together, combining all their knowledge to support you and help you manage your condition in the best way possible.

Our in-house physiotherapist Hened Chouery aims to look beyond the symptomatology and identify the root cause of the problem and treat accordingly. She strives to “cure, manage and maintain” and empowers patients to be active participants in their own treatment program in order to provide an optimal and enhanced plan of care.

Some of her specializations include:


Dry Needling is a unique procedure that works to alleviate pain and restore physical function. It targets specific muscles through the insertion of small, thin needles, which cause micro-disruptions in the muscle fibres, facilitating blood circulation and an influx of nutrients to the area. This process elicits chemical and electrical changes on a cellular level, thus allowing the body to heal itself, without any medication administered. Dry Needling can be influential and highly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, particularly when combined with additional forms of therapy.


Pilates is an effective rehabilitation tool for re-education and restoration of strength, mobility and proper function to the body. In rehabilitative Pilates, the combination of pain alleviation through movement science and low-impact movement language promotes a safe and effective recovery. The use of Pilates equipment offers a versatile environment in which you can facilitate, challenge and improve your strength and range of motion, and enhance awareness of your own body’s movement behaviour.

Our process includes an initial consultation with Hened who will thoroughly evaluate you and design a treatment plan based on your diagnosis and your unique needs. She will also communicate her report with your referring healthcare provider for a better interdisciplinary care.

With combined knowledge, our team of healthcare professionals will offer you a well-rounded treatment plan that supports your recovery and helps you achieve your personal goals.

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Hened Choueiry-The Hundred Wellness Centre

Hened is our resident physiotherapist and Pilates practitioner. Her philosophy is to use movement as an essential tool for recovery, which encourages patients to actively participate in their own treatment program in order to achieve optimal results.  She strives to look beyond symptoms in order to identify the primary source of the problem and treat it accordingly, with an interactive rehabilitation plan. 

Hened’s physiotherapy practice is based broadly on manual therapy, dry needling and movement therapy. She uses a wide range of specialized techniques to treat injuries and improve mobility, while educating her patients on building sustainable habits and routines to support long-lasting health, fitness and wellbeing.

To find out more about our Physiotherapy services, discuss your needs or book an appointment please EMAIL US or CALL US on + 971 4 3447333.