Pilates & Gyrotonic ®

Initial Private Pilates Session: 380AED for 55 min

Please note after this initial session, we require a series of at least 3 private pilates sessions

before you can enter the group classes.

Private Pilates & Gyrotonic ® Single session 380AED

Small Group Pilates Classes Single session 130AED

Pilates Duet Class Single session 270AED


Package of 5 Classes 
617AED (Expires in 2 months)
Package of 10 Classes  1,170AED (Expires in 4 months)
Package of 20 Classes  2,080AED (Expires in 6 months)


Package of 5 Sessions 
1,805AED (Expires in 2 months)
Package of 10 Sessions  3,420AED (Expires in 4 months)
Package of 15 Sessions  4,845AED (Expires in 6 months)


Center Policies

  • To prevent being billed for missed sessions/classes, we require 24 hours notice to either cancel or reschedule your session.
  • Please note that we are not open on Fridays, so if you need to cancel a Saturday session you need to let us know by 5:00 PM on Thursday, otherwise you will be automatically charged.
  • To inform us of a cancelation please contact the reception directly via our landline telephone number 04-3447333 or our email info@thehundred.ae.
  • Due to the busy work schedule of our instructors, any cancelations sent to them directly will not be accepted.
  • After purchasing any of the discounted packages, we have a NO REFUND policy.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.