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The 100 Café is the latest offering from The Hundred Wellness Centre.

The brainchild of our founder, Asma, it was her vision to open a café that emphasised and supported the wellness practices and ethos of the centre. From personal experience Asma knows that healthy eating doesn’t have to be intimidating or exclusive; it can be simple, tasty and doesn’t mean missing out on flavour or enjoyment.

She envisioned creating a beautiful space that served delicious and nutritious comfort food — dishes that were naturally medicinal, nourishing and incredibly satisfying. Asma’s dream finally became a reality with the launch of The 100 Café.

Our carefully curated menu offers dishes that are entirely plant-based and free from dairy and refined sugar. Every dish is lovingly produced in-house by our café team and where possible, our fresh ingredients are grown on the IGR organic farm in Abu Dhabi. We’re committed to being sustainable and eco-friendly and we make every effort to reduce waste in all areas. Anything that can’t be used is composted and seeds are saved from our produce for replanting.

Drop in during business hours to refuel in our beautiful space. Enjoy a free hot drink with any new client service.

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