BCA Machine

At The Hundred Wellness Centre, we offer a range of highly specialised, non-invasive diagnostic tools, state-of-the-art screening programmes and therapies that complement our day-to-day health and fitness services. Used in combination, as part of a bespoke programme, they can help our in-house experts to provide a 360-degree view of your body’s overall condition, to provide extra information that enhances your diet and fitness efforts, and can even anticipate problems before they arise. 


No two bodies are exactly alike. Different diets, exercises and treatments work for different people, but a deep understanding of your own body is key to getting the most out of any nutrition or fitness regimen. Our Body Composition Analyser (BCA) offers a comprehensive, non-invasive scan that measures your body in great detail – beyond weight statistics to body fat, lean mass, basal metabolic rate and more. It provides a wealth of personal data to help you tailor your wellness lifestyle to suit you best.

The Hundred Wellness Centre provides Body Composition Analysis in Dubai using one of the most advanced machines available for BCA. The analysis will accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage.

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