The Hundred Wellness Centre now provides private, one-on-one GYROTONIC® sessions – making our 53b Street, Jumeirah 1 location the only center in the whole of the UAE (and Middle East) to offer GYROTONIC®. So what is it?…

GYROTONIC® is a unique fitness technique with a holistic approach, which uses the principles of yoga, ballet, swimming, t’ai chi and gymnastics and can empower you to optimise your physical condition. The method features 3-dimensional, circular movements, which are performed using an evened resistant and with complementing, intensive breathing exercises. It’s safe and challenging for all levels – from a super athlete, to a physically compromised person – since each session is bespoke to the student, and focussed on maximising your performance.

Many famous athletes use the GYROTONIC® method, including Andy Murray – who actually visited The Hundred Wellness Centre with his trainer to squeeze in some GYROTONIC® training whilst in Dubai for the tennis championships. Other devotees include Madonna, Tiger Woods, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more.

So why try GYROTONIC®? The constant motion and breathing techniques used in GYROTONIC® can help with the removal of waste and lymph fluids, the unique and challenging exercises will help you to slim your midsection, improve your posture and eliminate bloat and excess fluid.GYROTONIC® also helps students to sculpt the long, lean muscles of a dancer, lengthen the spine and focus the mind – helping to wash away daily stresses. Students often describe a magical sensation of “feeling light as air, as if flying” after a GYROTONIC® session. Cyclists and triathlon athletes experience a significant increase in their endurance after a few GYROTONIC® sessions, whilst tennis players and golfers report a noticeable increase in their range of motion and accuracy. The GYROTONIC® method is also a great remedy for people suffering from chronic sleeping disorders, chronic fatigue and a general lack of vitality.

Gyrotonic Dubai

Plus, if it’s good enough for Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, it’s good enough for us…

The GYROTONIC® method was created by Romanian-born Hungarian Juliu Horvath, who studied dance from the age of 19 and was a principal dancer in the Romanian National Ballet Company. Horvath moved to New York in the 1970s and danced with the New York City Opera, acting as a guest artist at Radio City Music Hall, before he secured a position as principal dancer with the Houston Ballet. It was an injury suffered during his time at the Houston Ballet that ignited his path towards creating the GYROTONIC® method. After rupturing his achilles tendon, Horvath was forced to turn his back on ballet and he began to study yoga and meditation – moving to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands for six-years. During this time he gained new insights into movement and healing, and from these insights he began to create his own unique exercise method. Then, in the early 1980s Horvath began teaching a new movement system that was based on what he had learned during his yoga and meditation study in St. Thomas. He called this system ‘Yoga for Dancers’. The method was loved by many professional dancers, and as demand grew Horvath refined ‘Yoga for Dancers’, creating a class format that almost any person could perform, regardless of age or state of health. He named this refined version of Yoga for Dancers ‘the GYROKINESIS® Method’. The original Yoga for Dancers movements are still taught as part of the Gyrokinesis Level 2 Program. Horvath continued to refine his method, which led to the birth of the GYROTONIC® method, and his world-renowned Gyrotonic equipment. The Gyrotonic Expansion System has now grown to encompass over 13,000 Trainers in 84 countries.

To find out more and to book your first GYROTONIC® session, give us a call on 04 344 7333 or contact us here.