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now sold at the hundred, new toesox colors plus limited edition for the holiday season


Made with organic cotton, Toesox with a grip are soft on your soles and the planet.

  • Non-slip gripping sole
  • A barefoot feeling without cold feet
  • Promotes proper foot alignment and Increases blood circulation
  • No bunching or twisting
  • Eco-friendly organic cotton


surprise your loved ones with a pilates gift voucher!

With the festive season coming up and for upcoming birthday / celebrations, we have created a colorful The Hundred Pilates Gift Voucher to spoil’n’surprise your friends and loved ones with a healthy treat! Our new gift voucher can be used for any pilates private sessions , classes or toesox.

Simply ask for the voucher at our studio or reach us at 04- 429 8433 to inquire more.

The Hundred Pilates Studio Gift Voucher (FRONT)

the fascia, the anatomy trains and the pilates methodology ~ by karin locher

Re-storing, re-forming and re-setting the Fascia

The Fascia, the Anatomy Trains and the Pilates Methodology ~ By Karin Locher

Fascia is the sheath of connective tissue that covers everything in our bodies–from our organs to our muscles. In the picture above, the white areas that are visible attaching to muscles are dense collections of fascia.

Did you know that there are 10 x more sensory nerve endings in your fascia than in your muscles? That the fascia is our system of stability (Thomas Myers 2012),our greatest sensory organ (Robert Schleip) and our biomechanical regulator?

Through the design of the Pilates Method,  a consistent inner myofascial contact  before and during movement is made; bringing awareness of your fascia’s connectivity. From this connectivity you are able to renegotiate to restore the elasticity and continuous connectivity of its fibres, and thus the health and functionality of the mechanical regulation of the body.

Re-storing, the ‘give and take’ in the elasticity of the tissues to re-pattern movements, renews mechanical functionality and maximizes stability to support the structure – quite literally, ‘shape shifting’ the skeletal architecture.

Using Thomas Myer’s revolutionary Anatomy Trains map, we are able to see and learn the direction of force and connectivity along the fiber. We are able to recognize and influence compensatory patterns that have derailed transmission, loosing mechanical information along its pathways, thus creating functional disorder; the fascial patterns that lead to our symptoms.

all things pilates – mat based & equipment – at the hundred pilates studio dubai

The Hundred Pilates Studio Dubai

The Hundred Pilates Studio Dubai

Welcome to our Pilates studio where we dive into all our sessions held at The Hundred Pilates Studio in Dubai Healthcare City. We briefly talk about the benefits of Pilates, Descriptions of our sessions and a showcase a video on each session to help you discover what a reformer, Cadillac, chair and pole Pilates is all about!  The benefits of our equipments as a transition from the mat, is not only exciting, but definitely rewarding, challenging and rejuvenating as we help reawaken your core to help strengthen, lengthen and improve your postural muscles. So, here we go…

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