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pilates, the workout intensity & the floating feeling

Jeanique Lascar at The Hundred Pilates Studio in Dubai

Jeanique Lascar Pilates Instructor at The Hundred Pilates Studio, Dubai

How great is it to know that exercise and physical fitness are finally becoming an important part of people’s daily routine which influences them to take better care of themselves. It is a pleasure to share this desire for healthier life while teaching Pilates, which was created by the very insightful, Joseph Hubertus Pilates (commonly known and titled as Joseph Pilates) who understood the power of having great muscles

rosemary mini egg frittatas spinach, salmon and more

Rosemary Mini Egg Frittatas Spinach, Salmon and more

Ready in just 20 minutes, this delicious recipe whipped up at home can triple up as a full meal when it comes to     breakfast, lunch and dinner. A savior when you are short on time and budget to get creative in the kitchen!

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