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the pilates teaser


The Teaser is a challenging yet fun exercise that works on the strength, control, flexibility, and balance of the body and is also known as “the mother of all sit-ups”!

Named by Joe Pilates for its “teasing” of the earth’s gravity, the Teaser tests your powerhouse control. It’s very similar to the roll-up, but it’s more difficult. The body must be in total control and balance in order to hold the teaser position. Once that position is found, you can further tease gravity by adding arm and leg movements while still working to maintain your balance.


Benefits of the Teaser include improving posture, strengthening of the powerhouse and core muscles as well as stretching the hamstrings.

Achieving success in the Teaser will come down to good preparation. Do not try it before you are ready and without a qualified instructor. It can be dangerous and cause back injuries, so please take it slow and follow the instructions of your teacher. Some excellent preparatory exercises are : Rolling Back (Rolling Like a Ball), Roll-Up, Rocker with Open Legs (Open-Leg Rocker) and Teaser Prep (bent legs or legs resting on a stability ball).

At The Hundred Wellness Center we love the Teaser; and we hope you get to love it too!

Healthy Regards,

The Hundred Wellness Center Team

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