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November 7, 2012

The Hundred Pilates Studio Dubai

The Hundred Pilates Studio Dubai

Welcome to our Pilates studio where we dive into all our sessions held at The Hundred Pilates Studio in Dubai Healthcare City. We briefly talk about the benefits of Pilates, Descriptions of our sessions and a showcase a video on each session to help you discover what a reformer, Cadillac, chair and pole Pilates is all about!  The benefits of our equipments as a transition from the mat, is not only exciting, but definitely rewarding, challenging and rejuvenating as we help reawaken your core to help strengthen, lengthen and improve your postural muscles. So, here we go…

Pilates is a total body conditioning routine that aims to build flexibility, muscle strength and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. It focuses on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core or center, while improving coordination and balance. The Pilates system allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginning to advanced and the intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises hence, our beginner classes and our intermediate / advanced mat classes. If you are starting at a lower fitness level or with a weak core, you can definitely make these areas stronger with Pilates.

The Hundred Pilates Studio in Dubai is an intimate, specialized and dedicated Pilates studio in Dubai Healthcare City founded by a Pilates enthusiast and UAE Local entrepreneur, Asma Hilal Lootah offering Mat and Circuit Pilates classes as well as equipment based classes such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Pole. Classes are taught by fully certified classical Pilates experts from The Pilates Center in Colorado and are grounded in an array of related disciplines, from professional dancers to Biokinetics.

The Hundred Pilates Studio is truly one of a kind – The lime green color scheme and fresh local rose water soothes your soul the second you check your shoes at the door and check in at our reception desk. Our studio reflects a family feel as we don’t herd large classes of people through our doors. We pride ourselves on being a smaller studio allowing for our instructors to provide full attention to our clients.


Beginner Mat Pilates:
In these classes you will learn the fundamental principles of the Pilates method including proper pelvic/spinal alignment, breath control and use of the deeper muscles of the core to initiate correct movements with coordination, precision, control, and concentration. Exercises are performed on the Pilates mat, improving core control, coordination, standing alignment and balance. You will start building the foundation for a strong stable core in a seated or lying down position on your back, side or front, to provide support in your daily activities as well as prepare you for more challenging exercises to come. Bars are sometimes added into the session for precise work and variety.

Intermediate Mat Pilates:
Transition to the next level! You will be challenged with a faster pace and more layering of new exercises.   You will begin to learn to transition quickly between the exercises and link them into a flowing, graceful and efficient workout with increased range of motion as the body becomes stronger and more balanced while adhering to the concepts of “centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow”.  Strong emphasis will be placed on shoulder stability, oppositional energy, spinal articulation, uniform development of the body and smooth flowing transitions between exercises.

The Circuit class is a fusion of all the Pilates apparatus such as mat, chair, reformer and Cadillac in one. It is a class that often involves the use of assisted tools such as the foam roller, circles, balls and bands. In this class we get to “play” , mix it up and explore Pilates principles and the fundamentals in a variety of ways. Anybody can join this class as long as they have  previous experience with the Pilates equipment , want to move the body and are looking for variety in a class.


Joe Pilates started using several pieces of apparatus to help people “get the method in their bodies”. Each piece of apparatus has its own repertoire of exercises and most of the exercises done on the various pieces of Pilates apparatus are resistance training since they make use of springs to provide additional resistance. Using springs results in “progressive resistance”, meaning the resistance increases as the spring is stretched. The most widely used piece of apparatus, and probably the most important, is the Reformer, but other apparatus used in a traditional Pilates studio include the Cadillac (also called the Trapeze Table), the Chair, the Ladder Barrel & Spine Corrector (integrated in our private pilates sessions).

Reformer combines the traditional with the far-from-traditional, taking you through a total body workout on one of Pilates favorite, and most famous, apparatus.  Clients are lying, kneeling or standing on a moving carriage connected to springs which gives added resistance and support. The resistance created by the pulley and spring system can provide a more challenging strength and endurance workout than mat classes. It may also produce visible results sooner — arm, leg and abdominal muscles can look more firm and defined within a dozen or so regular sessions. A few private Reformer sessions is required before moving onto Reformer group classes.

Pole/Cadillac Classes:
Benefit from the support of spring tension to better develop resilient, powerful muscles, balanced decompressed joints and a powerful and supportive core by exploring the full range Pilates equipment. Possibly the most feel-the-burn class, our team of experts will work on a specialized private cadillac training session with you which can help increase strength and endurance of powerhouse, strengthen gluteal muscles, quadriceps, calves, and feet, work on hip disassociation to increase stability and mobility of hips.


Also known as the Wunda chair, this chair is not made for relaxing but instead, our  Pilates chair classes include some of the most challenging work in our repertoire enhancing strength, stability, and balance while toning every muscle in your body. There are a myriad of exercises that can be performed on the Pilates chair. Exercises are done lying, sitting, and standing on the chair, as well as from positions to the sides of the chair. One can expect a lot of stability and flexibility work on the chair. If you have been practicing pilates on machine for a while now, challenge your body with our chair classes, improves your blood circulation leaving you feeling rejuvenated after your session.

The Hundred Pilates Studio Schedule

Cancellation Policy:  Please take note that all cancellations are now required to be communicated to our staff at The Hundred Pilates Studio,  24 HOURS prior to the original appointment time, or the appointment will be charged in full.

All videos demonstrated by Amy Taylor Alpers of The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado
Sample a few of Amy’s videos at home