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Pilates Classes


Pilates, a series of controlled exercises that engage the mind and transform the body, is recognized all around the world for its life-changing benefits. It has been embraced by people from all walks of life, from leading athletes who need to keep their bodies and minds in peak condition to business people looking for a meaningful, sustainable way to de-stress and stay fit. The classical method, founded by Joseph Pilates, helps to correct posture, lengthen and tone muscles, build core strength, alleviate stress and promote calm, and can have a positive knock-on effect in many other areas of your life.

At the Hundred Wellness Centre the Pilates method is at the core of our business and we offer a variety of classes including Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates and even Circuit classes. We believe that every client is unique and our offerings are designed to suit varying levels as well as different interests. 

The centre offers two state-of-the-art Pilates studios where we host small “classical mat classes” as well as “equipment classes” using the Cadillac (trapeze table), poles, reformers and Pilates chairs. Classes are open to both genders, but we also offer ladies-only and private one-to-one sessions, all taught by classically trained instructors. 

Our experienced instructors are here to listen to your goals and develop a schedule that best suits your needs and requirements. The instructor conducts an initial assessment to determine your fitness and flexibility levels, your strengths and weaknesses, unique pattern of muscular compensations as well as understand your limitations because of any previous injuries. 


Our group classes are tailored for a particular fitness level and are limited to a maximum of eight students. This enables our amazing instructors to ensure that you avoid any injuries from performing incorrect movements as well as get the most out of your workout, making every class feel like a bespoke experience. 


Our private sessions are tailored to suit each client’s fitness level and their preferences. They are the perfect introduction to Pilates method for beginners or the ideal space for advanced training for Pilates enthusiasts looking to enhance their fitness levels. We also offer private sessions for two clients, making this a perfect opportunity for you to train with a friend or a partner. 




Pilates mat classes are performed on a yoga mat and help you to improve your core control, strength, balance and standing alignment. This addictive class features controlled exercises, which are performed in various positions on a mat – seated, lying down, on your side and on your front. Various tools like straps, poles, bands, balls and magic circles are used to help you get into positions or challenge your performance.

The exercises performed in the Pilates mat classes are the foundation of the Pilates method. They focus on strengthening the core as well as provide you with the ability to improve your total body strength. 


Reformer Pilates classes are performed on the ‘Reformer’ – a specialized piece of equipment which uses a unique combination of springs, straps and a sliding carriage that is used to perform challenging exercises. 

At a Pilates reformer class you will use your core – or your powerhouse – to move your body weight with the reformer’s spring-loaded carriage. This challenging and addictive class helps you to improve balance and coordination. It also creates a unique strength and stretch effect on the entire body, which helps to achieve the long and lean look and/or recover from a training method that exhausts isolated muscle groups. Pilates reformer class goers soon see a uniformly developed body and strong back and abdominal muscles.

The Reformer Pilates class is limited to five students and is usually fifty-five minutes long. 

Ideally those interested in joining our Pilates reformer classes are recommended to do a couple of private sessions with our instructor as the reformer machine can take a little getting used to. This also ensures that the client gets the most out of our group classes. This is especially recommended if a client has never done any type of Pilates before.


Our Pilates circuit classes are a fusion of the different types of Pilates classes offered at the Hundred Wellness Centre in just one high energy session. They are usually a combination of mat, chair, reformer and pole exercises and utilize the best Pilates tools like circles, balls, bands and foam rollers. 

This is a fun and challenging class which is perfectly designed to explore the main Pilates principles and fundamentals in one session.



If you have never tried Pilates before, we recommend you book in an assessment or a private introductory session before deciding which class or type of class will be best suited to your goals, preferences and fitness level. 

Below are some pointers on what to expect in the different levels. 

Beginner Level – This level is for those who are new to Pilates or for those who may have an injury and need to take it a little slower. In this class you will learn the fundamental exercises that create the foundation of how to move safely with proper hip/spine alignment, transitioning from one exercise to the other, learning how to stabilize using the mind body concentration for fluid, smooth, flowing and centering movement along with proper breathing. This class is a prerequisite for the higher level classes listed below. 

**You must be in good health with no special considerations to take this class.

Beginner/Intermediate Level – This class level provides additional exercises and/or advancement of existing exercises. You will be challenged with a faster pace and be introduced to new exercises to challenge the mind body connection, increase endurance and improve neuromuscular control and coordination. You will begin to learn to transition quickly between the exercises and link them into a flowing, graceful and efficient workout with increased range of motion as the body becomes stronger and more balanced.

**Instructor evaluation is required to participate in this class.

Intermediate Level – This class builds on the exercises from the Beginner/Intermediate Level. The exercises become more challenging, and the pace of the class is faster – therefore more strength, stamina and coordination are required. 

**Instructor evaluation is required to participate in this class.

Advanced Level – This class is dedicated to experienced students who have been doing Pilates for a while. This class uses full choreographed repertoire and a faster pace maintaining a centered core and flowing breath.

**Instructor evaluation is required to participate in this class.

To find out more about our Pilates classes, discuss your needs or book a session e-mail us or give us a call on +971 (0)4 344 7333.



Wahid Tebarki is the head Pilates and yoga teacher at the Hundred Wellness Centre.

Certified as a Pilates teacher from the notorious Boulder Colorado Pilates center, he is also trained in both classical and contemporary Pilates “Stott” and “Peak Pilates”. His understanding of the Pilates Method is truly impressive and complete. Teaching Pilates since 2003, he’s trained and practiced with the best teachers of the world. Walid is also a certified Ashtanga Yoga instructor from the renowned village of Arambol in Goa, India. He is trained to help people with rehabilitation/re-education such as scoliosis, pre or post-surgery, Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson disease.

He is also a certified health coach with a decade of experience from one of the best schools of Sport and Fitness in France – CREPS de Montry. He has also trained at “MATRIX “Therapy and certified as a Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner because he believes that a teacher should have an equal awareness and knowledge about the physical, mental and spiritual state. He is also a qualified Sport massage therapist.

He was previously a professional dancer and also a member of the national team of Sanda in France which is a Chinese boxing team, similar to kickboxing. 

Walid’s athletic background and interest in sports and performance has given him a fundamental knowledge of the human body and movement and he loves to layer the coordination, precision, and strengthening tenets of classical Pilates principles into his students’ bodies and the calming and meditative elements of yoga into his students minds to give them an enhanced physical awareness and confidence. This he believes in a perfect harmony between mind and body.

He is committed to ensuring that his own mind, body and soul are healthy and balanced so that he can best serve his clients. Walid’s mantra is to never stop learning.

To find out more about our Pilates classes, discuss your needs or book a session e-mail us or give us a call on +971 (0)4 344 7333.

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