BioKat Bioresonance Therapy

The human body was created to “run” at specific healthy energy frequencies. However, in these modern times due to living in less than perfect environments, our bodies’ frequencies can be affected in negative ways by many of the things around us. Surprisingly that even includes the viruses, and bacteria that we may come into contact with, as they too run on their own frequencies.

The BioKat Bioresonance machine is non-invasive and can help identify these unhealthy frequencies, and then help our bodies eliminate them, without any known side effects. The machine works by using healthy energy frequencies to trigger deeper healing that gets the body to jump start it’s own natural restorative process, which can then help the body repair the damage that has occurred.

Many people seek Bioresonance therapy for a variety of different issues some of these are: allergic disorders, functional disorders of various causes, nervous and sensory system disorders, pain syndromes of different type and cause, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, skin diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, urogenital disorders, for wound healing disorders and ulcers.

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