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We provide a broad offering of highly specialised clinical, nutritional and rehabilitative treatments as well as complementary therapies to enhance and accelerate all the positives on your wellbeing journey.


Clinical homeopathy harnesses a wide variety of elements to promote optimum health and vitality. It bridges the “like cures like” principles of classical homeopathy and conventional medicine. The therapeutic approach at The Hundred includes an all-natural, non-invasive combination of homeopathic remedies, along with vitamins, herbs and supplements. Dr. Sean Penny, our in-house clinical homeopathy practitioner and homotoxicologist, draws on a wide range of modalities of complementary and alternative medicine, such as traditional Chinese medicine, western herbal medicine and state-of-the-art equipment, to treat conditions ranging from eczema, asthma or migraines to thyroid and hormonal imbalance issues and fertility problems.


Dr. Sean and Ryan Penny, known as “The Wellness Brothers”, provide a highly personalised in-house lifestyle consultancy service for The Hundred Wellness Centre, offering clients effective, convenient and sustainable bespoke solutions for wellness, weight management, detoxification and optimised performance. With more than a decade’s clinical experience, and particular expertise in the field of complementary and alternative medicine (as well as nutrition and personal training), they are equipped to offer multifaceted wellness programmes which consider the individual’s mindset, diet, fitness, habits, lifestyle and biological and environmental factors.


Improving your diet for sustainable weight loss or to improve your overall health requires a practical, no-fads approach, and is more likely to succeed if you have the right professional support. The Hundred Wellness Centre offers various weight loss, wellness and detox programmes to assist you in achieving your goals in a way that fits in with your lifestyle. The Wellness Brothers can help you to create a personalised programme, built on a foundation of solid science and common sense, to achieve your optimal weight and improve your health — without completely restricting the foods you enjoy. The highly successful “Downsize-Me” diet plan and detox programmes incorporate the brothers’ supportive health and performance shakes and supplements, specially formulated to enhance results. Our commitment to your well being means that follow-up weight loss consultations are complimentary.


We pride ourselves on offering some of the world’s finest supplements under one roof — many of which are exclusively available in the UAE to The Hundred. We provide only the very best proven, natural, plant-based ingredients and products, all manufactured in facilities that meet stringent quality standards (including the Good Manufacturing Practices certification by the Natural Products Association) and halal conditions. Our in-house homeopathic doctor can ensure that you receive a bespoke prescription for your particular physiology and your personal needs and goals.


At The Hundred Wellness Centre, we offer a range of highly specialised, non-invasive diagnostic tools, state-of-the-art screening programmes and therapies that complement our day-to-day health and fitness services. Used in combination, as part of a bespoke program, they can help our in-house experts to provide detailed insight into your body’s overall condition, to provide extra information that enhances your diet and fitness efforts, and can even anticipate problems before they arise.


DNA testing technology is available at The Hundred. Our team has the facility and expertise to provide a report with extremely specific, personal insights into your own physical makeup – everything from your hormones to metabolic function – and make recommendations about treatment, natural supplements and lifestyle changes that are tailored to you.


The human body functions best at specific energy frequencies – but modern life and the environment disrupt the balance. Our non-invasive machine can help to identify unhealthy frequencies that affect the body and can help the body to eliminate them by triggering the body to repair damage – ranging from nervous system disorders to allergies to gastrointestinal complaints and muscular problems – by itself.


Used alone or to complement our in-house detox program, our infrared sauna provides a deep, detoxifying heat therapy that can be completely transformative. Infrared heat penetrates the tissues and joints to alleviate anything from minor aches and pains to chronic pain conditions; it can accelerate healing after training injury, and encourages relaxation, detoxification and improved sleep.


A whole-body scan of the autonomic nervous system allows for the early detection of potential dysfunctions of the body. The non-invasive AlfaThermo thermometry test can identify possible problems down the line with glands and tissues, vascular problems and muscoskeletal disorders and various neoplastic and inflammatory conditions, allowing you – with our help – to take preventative action with your diet and lifestyle.


Regular body composition analysis, using our advanced screening machine, and ongoing consultation with our experts is a valuable tool. It provides a wealth of useful data that can enhance your efforts to become and remain healthier, to achieve all your wellness, fitness and weight goals.

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Homeopathy Dubai